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If you want the fastest way to attract and connect with women on a sexual level, natural grounding is your #1 power house technique when combined with actively approaching, meeting and connecting with women.  If you are in a long-term relationship or even married, natural grounding can help RESPARK the attraction and polarity with your woman.

A lot of men including PUA's will still approach women but they're not connecting on a 'sexual' level.  Women leave their barriers and defenses up and it makes things very difficult to get anywhere with them so men are forced to 'keep approaching'.

Natural Grounding is so effective because it actively brings out the natural character of women.  My definition of seduction is 'bringing out the natural character of women'.

When you do 'open polarity' natural grounding before you go out to meet women, you not only get in a very aware 'present' state of the 'now', you will magically find women flirting, ogling, approaching and touching you quite often before you even say a word.

You can just look at the testimonials of the men who are actively applying natural grounding to see behavioral changing miracles in your life, ability to attract and DEVELOP physical and sexual relationships when it just wasn't possible before.

Attraction is the missing ingredient.  Natural grounding opens the physiological and behavioral path to ALWAYS communicate nonverbally and with your energy on that sexual level with women and for them to open up and be receptive to you.

I can't say that natural grounding = pussy (wait, did I just say that?)

"There was this one point when I first tried Open Polarity, girls were flocking to me and pretty comfortable around me".  - aztecsfinest


What is 'Natural Grounding'?


Natural Grounding is a highly effective form of 'relational meditation' or meditating 'in relationship' to something that helps you 'sync' into it's level of energy or flow.  With N.G. you meditate in relation to shakti female ying energy.

If you've sensed that there is something 'missing' or 'off' about today's social programming and noticed there was a freer female energy from the 80's and earlier - this has a lot to do with it.

By default you will not discover Natural Grounding or anything close within the past 15 years of Western popular social programming and media.

N.G. is not 'traditional' meditation nor is it trying to visualize interactions, nor is it trying to make up with your own subjective mind what the behavior of real women would be.  Natural Grounding is getting in relationship to RAW natural alpha models of female behavior and energy.

It's a complete paradigm shift and active belief changer/reinforcer of how you view and value women.


It's consciously choosing to and getting in relationship to natural alpha sources of female behavior and letting it melt away your social and inner/logical mind to enter a State of now and build sexual polarity and awareness with the opposite sex.

It's very easy to do and the effects are instant and often dramatic.  In fact there are youtube videos right now which are pre-qualified natural grounding resources.

The idea of natural grounding is to get yourself in a non-self conscious State of mind and energy relationship where it completely wipes out your logical thought or social judgments.

And since natural alpha female behavior is the closest thing to female sexuality itself (free from the pressures of sexploitation or socio-cultural adaptation), natural grounding works behavioral miracles for re-framing your belief system.

You can use it to achieve unlimited creativity, euphoria, bliss, empowerment, awareness, happiness, balance, production capability, presence, as well as most important for many men: sexual attraction capability.  It is more effective than approaching 1,000 women because you will have the sexual attraction capability.

Following the behavioral formula; enough natural grounding will cure all of your inner game issues and failures with women by getting you back to where we came from; energy and nature and communicating on those raw sexual levels with women.

It can easily cure all social anxiety and help you achieve relational equality (power) with all other people and beautiful women.  There just is no other technique (inner game or otherwise) that is so magnanimously and colossally effective.

Natural Grounding is SO deadly effective that I've personally used it to experience wallbending euphoria non-existent in Western culture.  Absolutely unlimited production capability, inspiration and profound creativity and breakthroughs light years ahead of other men.

It's also allowed me to be with dozens of additional women in physical relationships that wouldn't have happened otherwise.

Natural Grounding is meditating in relationship to natural alpha resources of female behavior and core, shakti energy.

It's more than just 'watching' videos.  It's truly getting into a real and raw physiological relationship and letting the energy of women affect your emotional State of mind, beliefs of sexuality and 'consciousness'.

It will change how you communicate with women without even knowing it.  You will watch the world change around you and everything with women becomes far easier.

Because of the importance of Natural Grounding it will be covered a lot more in the future.  You can already find other men applying it to their lives.


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