Natural Grounding History: How It Got Started


Natural Grounding can be seen as the most effective, advanced form of relational meditation to instantly affect your emotional State of mind, beliefs, energy, belief reinforcement and ability to sexually attract women.  It alone is perhaps the most powerful form of visualization and EFFECTIVE behavioral reconditioning.

I have never really done 'traditional' meditation but I did start using other resources like enya, movie soundtracks, Yanni and Hans Zimmer music to help me 'meditate'.

But how did 'natural grounding' as we know it start?  How did the practice of CONSCIOUSLY using clear natural alpha models of female behavior represented in select music video resources become the most exciting phenomenon?

The resources already existed within the social cultures they came from yet the major missing part is that the people of that culture will watch videos and go to concerts because of social or personal preference.

Consciously drawing energy and unlimited sexual value from the same resources was something that literally only someone aware and OUTSIDE of the social culture could do.  No one in history did it previously and it took me several years to pinpoint exactly what was going on and to clear names to things.

Once you realize how nothing in Western social culture even comes close to the miraculous transformational power and value of Natural Grounding you'll be even more interested in the history, so I'm going to tell you now anyways.

The more you experience the benefits, the more you'll be interested in it's history as I came to discover it.  So here we go.

It started when my best friend and I had to go around Kuhio ave. again to get a parking spot one night in Waikiki going out sometime in early 2002.  If we didn't drive around the block we wouldn't have noticed these 2 women who ended up waiting at the same corner as us to go to Zanzabar.

At closing time of the club (which I was VIP) we were each slow dancing with one of the girls.  I with a French student  (born on my golden birthday) and he with a Thai girl named Bom.  Turned out we both double-dated the girls on Valentine's Day (where afterwards I went to another girl's apartment).  He ended up getting serious, even engaged with the Thai girl buying her a ring (which she gave back and they broke it off).

He went to stay in Bangkok at her parent's house for 3 weeks in September 2002 on his terminal leave.  When he came back, he was out of the Army (he later went back in) but I had him stay in my barracks room in D Quad on his green mattress 'puss pad'.  The day after he got back, he came to the room on Schofield base with one of my girlfriend's (as she drove him to base).

They had Mcdonald's burgers and french fries they brought with them.  I even have a photo of the exact date and time this Cause started (not yet released even if scanner did work with Windows Vista).

With him he brought some music video cd's (VCD's) that he had bought in Thailand.  We were on an extended lunch break ignoring other company details (as I had a lot of respect/seniority).  On my ProStar laptop he put in the now historical/legendary and still classified/unreleased VCD which has since completely altered my life and ended up (years later) pulling together ALL of the things it seemed absolutely NO other dating expert or natural with women could EVER explain.

On first viewing I was intrigued because it was so different, high energy and exotic.  I liked it immediately but I knew there was more depth there - almost an unlimited depth and value.  That girlfriend of mine was a little bit judgmental and jealous but otherwise liked most of it.

She left and him and I talked about his experiences in Thailand.  Around then I had decided to take a MAC flight to Singapore because my platoon leader had done so - for my terminal leave.

We burnt a copy of that classified VCD (later I bought several original back-ups which are actually very rare to find) so that I could have it.

Anyways, within that VCD was my absolute FIRST introduction to all 5 of the women I respect in the world the most (beyond Adriana Lima even).  I ended up meeting in person the first artist on the VCD when my friend and I went to Bangkok in 2005.

When I watched the VCD in the barracks room, Palmy was the second video with her first hit single and my first ever introduction to her.  The 5th video in the high energy mix was my first introduction to 2002 Rahtree girls.  I had never ever ever EVER seen so much powerful female energy in my life.  It ended up representing perfect polarity.

To this day 6.5 years later there is still no music video in my mind in the entire world history that compares to this one.  In fact, all top 3 are on this 1 classified disc (and I'm a music/video producer and I understand music videos and am a huge social critic).

So at the origins, I just knew I liked it for some reasons to begin with.

On 12/2/2002 I had my passport stamped for Thailand for the first time (my birthday).  That experience was unforgettable but it's also when I got food poisoning and stayed in Singapore, flew back to Tokyo and caught a Christmas time MAC flight to stay with a latina I met in hawaii (the club across from the club we met those girls at) in Whittier L.A.

I lived at my father's house for a while and when he was gone I would have hardcore solo pre-grounding sessions.  I would put on some of my favorite music, that VCD and some of the other offshoot and new VCD's I bought myself (including Palmy's original album).

When I had my own breakthrough of enlightenment that propelled me directly into writing the 'Men's Guide' and entering the dating/seduction industry I just kept the video cd resources as a personal thing.

I honestly don't remember when I actually came up with the phrase 'natural grounding' but it sounded like a perfect fit (and still is).  It was probably around the first 1/3 of 2006 when developing A.R.D.

What was so radical about it all was that this kind of female behavior, freedom, energy and lack of sexploitation or thinking of sex was just so real, raw, pure, healing and authentic compared to social sexploitation and programming.  The more I did it, the more centered, attractive, powerful and inspired I became in life and around all people.

In essence, it really took several years for me to realize the global value of what I had discovered (that had already existed).  Natural Grounding just seemed like a befitting name for it and I don't even remember when I started calling it that (probably early '06 though).

It's effects have been miraculous and authentic.  The value is indefinite and insurmountable.

As the Father and Godfather of 'Natural Grounding' I hope that countless millions of people will find their own million times worth of value out of it that I have as well.  You can get started today with natural grounding for your own benefit.  Popular & Cultural References with YouTube videos Used Under 'Fair Use' Copyright Guidelines.  Copyrights belong to the respective owners.


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