Lesson 6: The Power of Emotion
Ready for a shock?

Ideally, you're supposed to CRY (when grounding)

'What? Rion must be off the rockers..is this seduction or what is this?'

I'll get to why. Well..

Have you been viewing the videos so far on your own? Following along with the lessons and doing grounding on your own?

They are your key to more real world attraction, interest, flirting and more direct success with women in much faster time.

Of course I assume you're meeting women and dating (and this will also help attract that even more) but you can approach 1,000's of women and hardly get anywhere without attraction.

Attraction is what matters. Natural Grounding helps you directly trigger and develop a natural (sexual) relationship with women right from the start.


I'm going to tell you how to get far more power and value out of the videos so that you get stronger flirting and attraction when you're out there meeting women.

Ready for it? Here is the BIG secret: Emotion.

Get EMOTIONAL when you're doing the natural grounding. That's right, you WANT to be 'tiering up' as I call it. This is when you know the power of female sexuality (natural behavior) is having an EFFECT on you and building your polarity to communicate with all women on powerful sexual levels.

This is the key to really 'getting it' and this is how your physiology is affected. You will change far faster by getting emotional when natural grounding. More emotional = more results.

As strange as it may sound, it absolutely means crying. Crying is a way or purging the body and mind from poisonous toxins. It's like being in a hot sauna for 20 minutes - it helps cleanse impurities out.

Babies are extremely natural..they are very close to nature and they cry a LOT. Duane the Dog Chapman (Bounty Hunter) wears sunglasses because he gets so emotional. If you want to be more 'natural', it's time to get emotional but to do it in relation to the empowering, aligned and proper things.

(This is the crying of strength and power, not of weakness or any social definition of it)

Getting emotional (or associating and attributing your energy) about the sexploitation of women is going to attract more of the fantasy of sexual relationships. That means NON-physical relationships with women that you approach; it's difficult to have them 'opening up' and flirting with you so you're
forced to work and try to 'coerce' the attraction or remain frustrated and alone.

When you're masturbating to porn, your energy is conditioning a certain type of relationship. She is the stimulus, you are the response to her social power.

Natural Grounding effectively conditions you and your energy in PROPER polarity relationship to women at all times while building up your proper power. You will find you become more powerful and comfortable in you own skin in relation to beautiful instead of being nervous.

Really 'opening up' and breaking down your own constructed walls to feel the natural power and energy of women by doing Natural Grounding on your own time will work miracles in your life.

Do Grounding. Meet Women.

Getting emotional about their natural sexuality which was hidden from you and is suppressed within them (your path to their bodies and more) is where it's all at. You have the KEY to unlimited lifestyle and success with women, your sx life and even their hearts with the power we're talking about here.

So do the grounding and keep meeting new women.

You will laugh, you will cry, you will start living in a natural reality and communicating with powerful masculine energy and sexual polarity........and it will liberate you. You're bringing more chemistry and SPARK into the new relationships.

Now, let's talk about emotion a little more and why it's so important to seeing faster results with sexual attraction in the real world.

You may not think you're emotional but we all ARE emotional beings as humans. We just express it in different ways. Nurture is what has suppressed it and natural grounding gets you back in touch with natural power and communication on the sexual levels.

Natural Grounding is natural 'programming' to balance out all the years of inhibitive social programming that keeps men and women more in consumeristic relationships instead of physical ones.

Replace your social programs with natural programs and your entire life will change.

Back to emotion..

I've consistently found the most natural people to be the most emotional. They're the most dynamic and often dramatic.

They have more presence and their energy has a stronger effect on the environment and people around them.

They don't hold back and they experience more of a rollercoaster of feelings in life than just their own logic.

So letting go is the key when grounding. Submit yourself to the power of female sexuality dancing in front of your eyes. Start getting back in touch with your own emotional core without worrying about what anyone else is thinking.

Adult white males especially sometimes have more of a challenge with this.

So whe n you're grounding;

Believe that this is and always has been the true female sexuality and that sexploitation is such a corruptive misrepresentation of women.

Reinforce it in your mind. Being emotional opens your energy up to be affected and risen to the level of natural alpha women.

You too can start to become more of a natural alpha male by getting yourself in relationship to natural alpha WOMEN and then getting emotional about their infinite truth and beauty.

When you do it enough (combined with relational mastery and experience) you will reach behavioral levels of mPUA's or real world naturals in record time. Emotion just helps accelerate the process so you'll start seeing new results fast with women as well.

You're emotional about sexy, beautiful women aren't you?

What about your sexual energy? What about your physiology? What if you know that women are being manipulated socially for their skin but your energy is still ATTACHED to and a wimpy powerless response to the real world social value these women have? See a woman will always know in your energy.

Getting emotional in grounding helps balance out the physiological power and allows you to be equal to the most powerful and beautiful women in the world. You don't play social games (you don't even have to), instead you have the 'real thing'. You know and believe in the truth of her beauty and love her for it even though she looks nothing like the natural alpha models.

When you believe in the potential and beauty of alpha female NATURE, you can bring it out of them. Seduction is bringing out the natural character of women.

Getting emotional about their unseen, suppressed sexuality (which is VERY seen when in relation to natural alpha behaving women) will allow you to bypass the superficial logical and weaker levels of interpersonal and social communication to communicate power on levels that she can't HELP but be
attracted to you on.

More emotion = more power and attraction force like 2 magnets with opposite polarity.

Watch as women open up to you as you get more emotional in your grounding and then KEEP your energy open when meeting women.

Emotion = energy in motion. There is more POWER to change your beliefs, physiology and energy relationships to the power of women. Natural Grounding will rework and rewire all the years of bad programming and condition new neural pathways of energy associated with natural sexuality to
attract it out of women.

You're becoming a stronger stimulus to women instead of the other way around and this is the way it works in reality despite the opposite illusion of social fantasy.

Just do the grounding, it works. You don't even have to understand it. Just get emotional on your own time and then make sure you've got dry eyes when you are out there meeting women and you'll start seeing massive improvements with flirting, attraction and getting physical with new women and the women you're dating - just like many of your peers are already experiencing.

You're leveraging a more powerful force of attraction because this can't be done on mere logical levels with women (and I AM an 'inner' alpha).

After this, I really expect a lot more guys to breakthrough + this is a 'gift' that keeps on giving for beyond the rest of your life even. Your energy becomes more dynamic and has more of an effect on women just as a BYproduct of n.g.

It will affect other people with your presence alone. You will communicate authentic, masculine power and confidence without even trying.

Grounding is how to achieve the unspeakable dreams.

Since we don't live in a natural reality with millions of corrupted social programs, agendas and signals which influence your behavior and relationships you HAVE TO take control and authority yourself over your relational environment and what affects your beliefs or you'll continue driving with the emergency brake on when it comes to women and success.

Truly getting emotional when watching the alpha resource natural grounding videos will help wash away the mud that is covering the gem of you.

(Yes it also leads to a far better sex life and can kick-start things if you've never had one). Emotion just gets the ball rolling a LOT faster and the more you get better at getting emotional when you do natural grounding, the more everything (your behavior) is going to change and your results with women will become more insane and more consistent. Truly priceless.

Ok, so here are some KEYS to Helping you get emotional coming from my (about) 10,000 hours of experience over several years now. (This keys will just give you a lot more value out of life and far more creativity and inspiration anyways even without grounding).

1. Have absolute relational and environmental authority when you do natural grounding (if at all possible).

People in the room next door or around is just going to spoil the integrity in my mind (at least for induction style independent grounding).

Set up an environment where you are alone and independent and where it's ok for you to actually breakdown and shed tears of joy and power without being unrightfully questioned.

What I do with 'induction' or Alpha State Grounding is make sure I can't be interrupted and I do it at night before I go to sleep (when I'm not sleeping with women) because I get extremely emotional most of the time because I am so open and aware of female energy, what it represents, it's power and unlimited effect.

[[there will be a time when I will even ground WITH women present but that along with other forms like tantra is in the future]]

2. Start with your own highly emotional video playlist resources before you start grounding. Despite the overall low video quality, I use youtube.com a lot. I also have bought a lot of things on iTunes and have an Archos 5 personal media player and laptop I use when abroad.

Here are some good examples of emotional videos to help you 'warm up'.


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I generally despise the View but this was the highest quality version since the original was taken down



Ballin' yet? hehe.

Also, good 'release' comedy is great because laughter helps get you out of your logical mind and into a more natural, relaxed open 'feeling' oriented state.


What you want to do is really get in a more non-egoic State of mind. It's putting your logic aside and truly starting to let (consciously chosen) resources sweep you away and affect you.

3. Listen to empowering meditational music that is inspirational. I have preferred Hans Zimmer music and soundtracks for years.

You can also choose things that are close to you and have an emotional effect on you. Just relax and get swept away in a good movie sound track like 'Gladiator' for example.

4. Stop thinking. This is the ultimate State of Now (yes, I recommend Eckhart Tolle). This may be more challenging if you've never meditated or done natural grounding (which is relational meditation) before. It will take a while to get good at it and really turn off your egoic 'thinking' conscious mind and get more into an enlightened, awake and feeling based State.

5. Condition yourself to get emotional with specific resources.

This is a more advanced technique especially if it's still very difficult for you to get emotional because your logical 'ego' and mind will be controlling or expecting too much so don't worry about this just yet if you're new.

What I'll do is keep replaying a certain resource (which actually really helps me get into 'the zone' even more) and not leave until I've shed at least 1 waterdrop. And I do this to specific resources everytime. Then, when I come back to them it's a given that I'll 'tier up' every single

Years ago I even gave it a name; 'sobertier' where you can watch something and it will strike an emotional chord EVERY single time.

If you're American and you DON'T get emotional about 'God Bless the U.S.A.' well, I'll just leave it at that. But find resources which work for you which leads to:

6. Value resources purely on their EMOTIONAL ability or effect to get YOU in an emotional State. This means judging them on a scale INDEPENDENTLY from social value or your own personal preference.

If it's a Hallmark commercial or a Michelin tire ad or a save the puppies video or anything - go for that. Separate your personal preferences or what you think is cool and start a new playlist in a hierarchical order of it's ability to spur stronger emotion in you.

Your goal is to OPEN up and not be afraid to open up - Your goal is to GET emotional except this time instead of advertisers trying to manipulate your state subconsciously YOU are the one who has control and are using the power of emotional association to your advantage (rather than disadvantage).

Hey, I had YEARS of concrete walls built up around my heart and it required more power to break them down. Without emotion it wouldn't have been possible to undo the years of bad programming and I'd be where I used to be with women (inconsistent with dry spells).

Natural Grounding has been my top secret to success with women in record time @ record levels and getting emotional was the engine for that.

So take a few minutes or half an hour to consciously build your (warm-up) EMOTIONAL PLAYLIST. (This also works great for visualization and the Law of Attraction)

You can number it like this:


7. Get the most POWERFUL, clear as day alpha resources to break all barriers aside and get you into deeper states.

Sometimes even I have a more challenging time getting into a raw, powerful emotional state because I do often think quite a bit and am stuck in my ego.

Then I like to go for the 'heavyhitters'...raw doses of power and emotion that melt away my limited logic and ego. I go for the MOST powerful and emotional inducing resources. Try that.

Palmy's 'Rhythm of The Times' is the 1 concert that will change the world. It's a 'go to' because it's about the absolute best just from example. It is what it is. You can get it on DVD or VCD with enough research (I've mentioned it elsewhere and will again).

So the idea again is to get emotional. You can use warm-up videos to help get you in a more open and receptive state and then put on some natural grounding videos and you should notice a far more powerful impact.

All of this has byproduct real world effects on your success with women. It's amping up the attraction factor which leads to follow through physical relationships (you and her already know what to do and things will be more flow you don't have to think about the process of seduction).

Don't worry if you're not getting too emotional yet, keep on grounding. It took me a while to fully open the 'flood gates' if you will but it was the best thing I ever did I'd have to say.

Throughout our N.G. training & time you'll be introduced to other resources (esp. if you're a S.A.M. or RELM member) and you can start building your own cache of favorite Natural women artists and tracks and VCDs or resources.

BTW Relational Mastery is my monthly DVD coaching and you can try it out for no cost - it's on me right now. I even pay the shipping. Just go to www.relationalmastery.com to get your complimentary DVD and instant access to our class-of-it's own forum.

The forum alone is worth the modest monthly investment but I include all kinds of far-ahead of the seduction industry advancements every month. RELM is like the science of personal power, beyond just success with women but that's our main focus. Check it out.

So with that, have an intent on valuing emotion and putting aside your previous conditioned thoughts that men aren't supposed to get emotional. AND START GETTING EMOTIONAL.

'Feel' it. Feel the presence, beauty and truth of natural alpha female behavior which represents all female sexuality; always has and always will. Bask in relationship to it and be miraculously transformed into a powerful attractive male.


The secret is to get STRONGLY emotional about the nature of women and open your heart and it will work miracles in your attraction capability. It's shifting your power (emotional and physiological energy) AWAY from social models of sexploitation which you reinforce with masturbation and TOWARDS raw, natural, REAL women who represent all biological sexuality within women that starts relationships.

So get emotional with your grounding and you'll start making INSTANT leaps and bounds. I can't wait to hear your success story. We now have a Testimonial Hotline you can find at our Natural Grounding Center page:

'You have to FEEL it'. -Dr. M Beckwith from 'The Secret'

This is where the miracles and change will happen. Open your heart to the true energy and power of natural alpha women within more and more of these videos and you will start to see and automatically communicate with women on a level that opens them up to you in reality.

This is what attraction is about; starting real world relationships. Sex is a byproduct of a pre-existing relationship based on attraction. You'll find that you're not thinking of 'it' when doing the natural grounding.

Good. This will allow you to develop more physical relationships with women as it has insanely done for me and many of the other serious natural grounders. Sex is down the road; this is about attracting PHYSICAL relationships in which you can get to the byproduct vs. just fantasizing about it and far more often.

It'll happen for you if you want it (consenting adults always). So with grounding, let the energy and power
of these women absolutely MELT YOU and wash away all of the lies and b.s. and your reality will completely change forever.

You will be able to attract women like a rockstar without having to be one. YOU become the man.

And just so you know, he who breaks down the most, builds up the most.

It's time to add a new use for kleenex.

No matter how controversial this may seem to traditional PUA's or so forth; let them continue to struggle.

Let's build your natural reality with women and masculine empowerment with natural grounding.

(Remember that we're kind of going straight for natural alpha videos and staying away from social definitions of emotion such as soap operas and the like; we're going for the original, anthropological natural female behavior and drawing from the source of energy itself). This way, the purer, the less dilution and the more power. And remember, naturals are (more) emotional!

And here's our official Lesson #6 Natural Grounding Resource video from our #1 model of natural alpha female behavior, Palmy. To help with this video to sink in...just feel her raw innocence and vulnerability..her openness.

Imagine that she's getting emotional about all of the women that have been forced to sell out into sexploitation when THIS has always been the pure, original sexuality of women..she just retained it and you're going to the source:


Your Sage

p.s. if you want me to be your PERSONAL Sage to work with you for 2 years, there are still about 2 personal coaching spots available for my exclusive 15k club. Email me if you're seriously interested rion @ modelmagnet.com

"..I really wish I saw this video 5 years ago...10 years ago..this stuff would make the other "GURU'S" go obsulete and the porn business HISTORY...


I see the whole picture now...

wow...all those hours of reading and watching(David DeAngelo(I respect this guy), Mystery, ect.. Blahblahblah) and I was even thinking of investing to go to one of those live siminars...

Thank you for the Natural Grounding summer sessions man...

Its f-re-e and its so much....its so simple and clear...... I learned more from this than all my 3 years of approaching,reading, watching siminars, and thinking thinking thinking...

I am angry(media, music videos, oprah haha) and at the same time happy..I figured it out...you save me from years of pain (approaching,reading, watching siminars, and thinking thinking thinking)hehe..
ummhhhhhmmmmmm thanks thanks thanks...

I really wanna hug you man......Enough hehe

I really can't say how happy I am man...." - J R

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