Welcome to Your Natural Grounding Lesson Course for Men

Our plan for the next several weeks (or now that all the lessons are here, you can go at your own pace)...

Ok, remember what I mentioned recently?  Well..

What we are covering here is HUGE so I'm going to purposely take the next several weeks (even months) to give you a multi-media, ongoing education on 'Natural Grounding'.

And you're openly invited; in fact, I WANT you to be involved.  With the online version you can take it at your own pace @ www.rionwilliams.com All sessions will now be posted after or around the time they are released to the group so you can just keep coming back to the resource center page for the latest updates.

For email, our schedule will be irregular and I will be developing new resources and maybe even modules to go along with it AS we go along, but everytime you will learn more and new angles into doing this on your own to see clearly improved results with women.

If you follow along and DO this effectively you will start seeing IOI's from types of women (even the same ones) who never gave you a second glance before.

You and the other guys on the list who start doing it will see more interest, flirting, phone numbers and follow-ups than ever before.

More control, more empowerment, more attraction, more masculinity, more presence, more authority, more congruency, more non-verbal confidence, more comfortable in your own skin, more sexuality..

More of everything you want that not only does the 'heavy work', but that actually WORKS with women (not to mention literally resolves everything else incl. all inner game issues and past trauma, suppression, emasculation..)

So I hope you're excited or at least interested in this.  Oh, and I'm not charging for this.

Why?  Because I've felt it is time to spread this power and value to a greater number of men (and eventually women themselves) instead of keeping it just within my Relational Mastery monthly coaching series and the offshoots on other forums.

Natural Grounding is a 'practice'.  Not a product.

I'm going to train you how to do it along with some of my top students/customers who are already good at it (if they want to chime in).

And you don't have to pay much at all to get the proper resources to start grounding (if they're available) and it's always no charge on youtube (*see future references).

I want to EMPOWER you to start doing natural grounding on your own and put it into your mix of meeting and dating women.

I guess the catch is that you've got to bear with me on this; because natural grounding is still so new and pioneering, it's still in development as far as how best to get this across in a simplified, understandable format to a larger audience (outside of advanced RELM members).

I'm TRYING to simplify things as much as I can in a way that you'll understand while also letting you into deep insights, so just come along for the ride b/c the results and benefits are infinitely worth it.

Really, you could JUST do natural grounding + meet women and then just be concerned with which of your girls you want to meet up with and drop literally EVERYTHING you learned about seduction, pick-up arts or dating.

At the higher levels of lifestyle you'll realize that when there is always attraction with women, it becomes a matter of logistics (as my clients see live with me).

This isn't an exaggeration when you add in experience of which yours will start adding on even faster now.  Natural Grounding will also help you to attract quality, dating or long-term relationships.

You already know what to do naturally and now that powerful part of you AND HER will start taking place a lot more instead of leaving it to 'yours and hers' logic.


When you too start seeing magical results with women in real life without 'doing' anything, you're going to probably want to share it and spread the word and cause of Natural Grounding.

It's a healthy (interdependent) addiction!

So for our commencing Natural Grounding training;

There will be emails, lessons, articles, pdf's and especially videos dedicated to this topic because it is unspeakably powerful and phenomenal for direct change and unlimited results with sexual attraction, heightened sexual energy (and the other inspirational ways you can channel it and use it to manifest things in your sexual, personal and professional lives).

I will be teaching from experience.  I have grounded for 1,000's of hours now over 6 years and it has led me to world class sexual attraction with women and consistent physical results.  It is basically my own #1 secret to success with women (combo'ed with experience).

I'll be training you so you only have to have a few good hours to see marked improvements in your real world results with women.  But I hope you continue on and really get into it b/c it's just insane - you'll see.  And you'll see how many years you're saving by not having to rely on rejection based experience alone when you actually GET ATTRACTION almost all of the time.

Natural Grounding is your DIRECT key to unlimited success with women, attraction and sexuality.  You are getting in a direct physiological relationship of polarity in relation to a natural alpha woman and letting it affect your own energy, emotions and physiology.

The best thing for you is just to START natural grounding yourself.

So again;

Over the next days and weeks, I'll be training and teaching you more about it and giving you exclusive videos and resources that you can use immediately to see results with women that you couldn't get from doing anything else.

Get ready to improve your own sexual attraction capability and I encourage you to take this commencing education very seriously and put it to use!




p.s. GET READY for the training to commence and what I'll probably call your official Lesson #1.  Yes, we will actually get TO IT starting the next announcement email from me


p.p.s. again; please bear with me as I try to make the training in this ongoing format as concise and as simple as possible for you (or at least the 'do this lessons') while I also fill you in on other supplementary insights.


2 words is (literally) all you have to know for now:


Natural. Grounding.


It can and perhaps WILL lead to truly miraculous physiological changes in your life as well.  We'll see!






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