What is Natural Grounding?

What can it do for you?

Others are asking lots of questions about it and even though all the answers aren't within this one article, you can (for now) find answers in other places on this site and key forums.  Natural Grounding in it's most basic definition is this;

Meditating in relationship to shakti energy or 'natural alpha women' in select music videos to get into a deep, non-egoic, emotional state of mind with an open polarity, sexual energy relationship.

In other words, letting the power of natural alpha women and their energy influence your energy, break you down and build you up on the natural/sexual level.  Try it and you'll enter a whole new level of consciousness and which you can transmute and apply for peak state, flow, happiness, infinite creativity sexual attraction, polarity and more.  N.G. is great for singles but ALSO for men in long-term relationships even married because it helps to respark the polarity with your partner.

When you value and get emotional about the nature and energy (sexuality) of women, you start attracting that sexuality in real-life instead of dismissiveness or prickteasing women start opening up to you and flirting like never before.  Why?

Because you know what their sexuality is and most importantly, you already have a physiological relationship with it to free them from their own social suppression and socio-cultural adaptation to bring THEM back to nature.

You know what sexuality is in it's purest form and you carry that energy relationship with you everywhere you go automatically on the non-verbal levels through natural grounding.  The results?  Miraculous change.  Physiological change.

Real world priceless attraction and RESULTS that you just couldn't find anywhere else with any other kind of effort (esp. inner or outer game work).

N.G. does all the magic work of reframing, refining and reinforcing your new models of sexuality while effectively influencing your real world attraction, nonverbal behavior and physical results with women.

Literally just do natural grounding and meet new women and all of your issues and questions will be resolved.  N.G. is absolutely priceless and I hope that you start doing it if you want this kind of awakening and empowerment.

Since seduction is bringing out the natural character of women, natural grounding is the fastest path to that natural sexuality (until you become more alpha through it and experience to always bring this character out) because you can get in relationship to it at any time even when there aren't natural behaving women around.

So how to do it and get started?

Get some of the music video resources that are already pre-approved and that are available on youtube.com or ethaicd.com and set a block of time aside where you can watch the videos without interruption.

You will find a playlist or flow that works for you as you do more grounding and get started with it.  High quality audio is recommended as well.  Watching emotion inducing videos beforehand will really help 'open up' your energy and break down your limiting walls of logic and ego.

To start natural grounding yourself, relational authority is really crucial to get in the deepest states and maintain the relational integrity.

In other words, set it up so that you won't be distracted.

Do it at home alone on your own private time when no one else can interrupt.  If you're doing it properly, you're going to get VERY emotional - this is good, this is what want.  Let it happen.

One of the most vital things that Natural Grounding does is that it is really effective in getting you in a non-egoic State of Mind.  It gets you out of your own head and in relationship to raw, alpha power, truth, flow and value for unlimited bliss, awakening, physiology changing and manifestations.

It's hard to describe what you're going to experience because it's on more powerful, natural, emotional and energy levels.  You just have to experience it yourself and you'll realize there's nothing like this that's promoted in 'the West'.

So get started and be on the forums to ask questions and get other answers.

You can start with the Secret of Women video right now and start letting the REAL power of women effect you, so much that you can become an alpha male through natural grounding and experience alone.

Experiencing and conditioning yourself to get in that strong non-egoic State (of the 'now') is most important but you can apply and attribute the byproduct into different areas to see massive results.  Now, an overview of the different types of styles and applications of Natural Grounding that I've clarified so far.


Alpha State Natural Grounding;

the deepest, hardcore sessions often lasting all night where you will just get in the highest states of bliss while building your sexual polarity with all women as a byproduct.  Starting out, this is what you should focus on (just getting into a strong, non-egoic State of mind) without a focus on time.

This can also just be called basic 'natural grounding' itself with the purpose and intent of getting in that raw, non-egoic emotional, blissful state of mind and energy relationship with the behavioral natural alpha women in the videos.

Key VCD resources: Palmy's Rhythm of the Times concert, Palmy Hits, Palmy Stay, 2007 Showgirls (more advanced), Secret of Women (on repeat), Nicole Theriault videos


Negoic Grounding aka Negoic Meditation;

doing natural grounding with a meditation focus and intent to find answers and great breakthroughs that inspires your ego 'live'.

Perfect for creating music, songs, poetry, lyrics, progressive breakthroughs, article or book writing, and finding the answers to a problem, project or challenge in your life.

It's a balance where your ego is at a higher level of conscious thought and in continual open inspiration mode:

[natural + egoic = negoic or neogoic]

(You can call it what you want making up your own name even)

This can also be called 'meditative' grounding where you'll often just replay one inspirational piece of empowering music to get in a 'zone' of higher 'flow' with it to write down your high level thought breakthroughs and answers.

Resource examples; Hans Zimmer, Enya, Yanni, rainyseason, heven, many movie soundtracks


Are women dismissive of you and it's so difficult to trigger that authentic sexual attraction with them?  Do you have value but want to connect with them on a level that starts relationships?  Are you ready for a reality beyond your belief?  Then maybe it's time for OPGrounding


Open Polarity Grounding; the magical key to unlimited success with attraction and women.  OPG clears your ego, breaks down the walls and gets you in a direct physiological 'open' relationship with the alpha nature of women.  OPG can be used specifically to ground before you go out to meet new women to see amazing results when you sustain the deep state and don't close it up with your own ego or blocks of suppression.

This is a very powerful and effective way of grounding and it's power is never meant to manipulate or somehow be seen as a 'trick' or magic pill to 'get' women.

Resources: any that work for you to get it started; Palmy VCD's, Secret of Women, 2007 ShowGirls, 2005 Tiwa Hula Hula

More will taught in the future on how to do OPGrounding

Do you reach creative humps or plateau's where you work and work but just can't breakthrough or reach those higher levels of inspiration or flow?  Here's something you're going to find absolutely priceless especially if you're a professional creator or artist.


P/PC Grounding;

production/production capability grounding.

Normal natural grounding but on shorter sessions with the specific intent of getting in alpha state and then applying your higher level non-egoic State to your choice of production, outlet or pursuit.  It can be done in a renewable format so that you can continue producing by renewing with inspiration for long periods of time.

If you're a songwriter, musician, artist, poet, architect, engineer, performer, recording artist, inventor, etc. you will find P/PC Grounding to be absolutely invaluable for your real world inspiration as an unlimited muse type relationship of empowered creativity.  We're talking peak performance.  If you're an athlete, try it out and let me know.

You may even reach that higher state that top performers and artists have called 'flow' where they aren't even thinking yet produce some of their best works.  Indeed, that's exactly what this is when done effectively and I've done it countless times.

Video Resources; any that work for you but an emphasis on shorter resources like your own personal MindReel, annita, snsd, the crystals, beach boys 'don't worry baby' and select others

It's really YOUR State and energy that matters.  Natural alpha resources (instead of personal or social alpha/value resources) help take you and zone you in to these greater levels of freedom, empowerment, bliss, inspiration and sexuality.

Are you ready to set your ego aside and build your non-ego 'state of now'?  Ready to see miraculous change and results with attraction, women and manifestations in life?  Unlimited creativity and more emotion and value out of life?

It's time to start Natural Grounding!


Personal Grounding

Which could also be called 'inner game' grounding.  Hey, why not build your own self-identity and see yourself and your future from different angles?  It helps to meditate on your identity from time to time.  It's something I've done over the years.

Building the first mind movie or 'mind reel' is something that has massively helped me on the personal level.  You can find out more @ my other mailing list: http://www.thereelsecret.com

Personal grounding is purposely being selfish and meditating to your own myspace or facebook photos or thoughts and goals.  It's a great way to refresh and renew yourself as well as question your future and see if you're on the right path.

Resources; specifically personal favored playlists or preferences, including popular songs you may like, MindReel (to have even more power of nature and energy applied to your personal goals), the Lionking opening sequence

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