Natural Grounding: Lesson #4


The Fantasy Vs. Reality of Sexual Relationships


After watching our Lesson #3's video 'Kissing You':

I'm hearing that some guys are starting to get it and getting more results with women already but many guys are thinking things like this (maybe you've thought this too):

"This is sexuality? No way - I'd rather see pornstars or strippers"

"How is this sexuality? It's nothing close to sex itself"

"This is WAY too girly"

"How is this going to help me meet women?"

"This is almost gay even"

"I'm not even thinking of sex"

"This is too asian, I don't understand the lyrics"

"I'd rather just bang women"

"I'm not turned on. I want to see more skin and mini-skirts".

"I don't get it. I don't see what you're saying Rion. How is this sexuality or sexual behavior in any form?"

"How will watching this practically help me attract real women?"

And yet a guy like me can use this and instantly connect and melt women with wildfire attraction.

Concisely, polarity is the 'trump' answer to all of those questions and when you can start experiencing it, your life will change with women and real attraction.

But let's expand on this key concept of fantasy vs. reality

So, to clarify things with our ongoing (invaluable) natural grounding training, let's look at what you might think is sexuality right now just for a reference.

Do you think this is sexuality?

Or how about 'Dont'cha?'


Is that what you're used to? Pussycat Dolls? Strippers, models, playgirls, naked women, softcore, any sign of girls showing skin (jumping around in bikini's)? Seems to make sense right? Showing their skin that gets you feeling more sexual and turned on?

Well, time for a wake-up call. And you might have to re-read this to let it sink in. I know it's going to be difficult to change your lifetime of (conditioned) beliefs all at once (even if you want to) but..

That is NOT sexuality - it is not sexual behavior. I'd dare to challenge all of your beliefs and say that it is SOCIAL behavior and is used to form non-physical relationships of fantasy at your (consumer) expense.

Sexploitation = Social behavior. It is NOT how real relationships are formed. It is how economic relationships are formed to the extent of billions of dollars/year for corporations other than you.

You could even call it 'social attraction'.

It is a business and economic model used to manipulate many many men and women into associating sexual energy and desire keeping it just out of reach so you want more and think that even MORE
will be the answer. It's products, fashion, magazines, hair care, cars, VIP, bling, bigger homes, nicer clothes..all in the hope of attracting more women. And for women? HUGE industries of fashion, beauty and skin care to support the behavioral illusion.

And the sooner you can accept that, the sooner you can make leaps and bounds in attraction response from the women you meet. How?

By Natural Grounding and getting back in touch with that which STARTS physical relationships.

So in essence we're talking about YOUR SEXUALITY, your beliefs about women and sexual energy (orgasms are powerful reinforcers btw) are ATTRACTING MORE of what your beliefs and energy are
associated with; fantasy ideals that keep you (and women) out of touch and not forming actual relationships.

Guys wonder why they are so emotional about s-e-x, yet don't have power and don't get real world attraction from women. DUHHH

You're attracting social relationships of fantasy (that which you were conditioned by association to believe was sexuality) and it's being outlook into 'non-physical' reality. That's where you're getting your energy and EMOTIONS involved.

You buy more bling, flowers, fancier cars, watches, jewelry, seek higher social status, get even nicer suits, go to seduction bootcamps, spend big in the VIP,...and guess what? That's what you attracted, all in the hopes of scoring with hotter women. It's all part of the fantasy (which does mix with reality at times b/c confuses even more men).

Your own sexual energy and primal nature has been manipulated and associated with non-physical relationships of fantasy.

In the 'real world', women have to open up to you to start a physical relationship. If your relationship is that they are 'above' you, then neither of you are getting physical yet both of you will continue to seek your own consumerist fantasy outlets; she'll buy MORE makeup and look even SEXIER to end up going home alone after a night out with her girls.

So, if you're sick of years of games, then I encourage you to take Natural Grounding seriously even if you NEVER buy any of my ahead-of-the-pack products. It will work miracles if you let it. If you use there is no charge for natural grounding.

So if those statements above and that SNSD 'kissing you' video seemed to 'girly' - this belief is coming from a social view of reality. Instead of sexploitation used to manipulate you, what if,,,just 'WHAT IF' Those girls actually represented ALL female sexuality that would lead to what you THOUGHT was supposed to happen with women and an insane lifestyle you couldn't even comprehend right now?

Ok, this is some heavy stuff. The value you're getting from this ongoing education I'd say would be worth $5,000 and for some guys worth $50,000,000 just from this ongoing training by being on the list - when you apply it.

So in a way, your own sex life and beliefs come down to

Fantasy vs. Reality

You may 'think' it's sexual if you're masturbating to porn but it's not a physical relationship with a woman. It's not even a physical relationship (your hand doesn't count) BIG BIG BIG difference. (who doesn't wack but still, see things for what they are)

You have a fantasy relationship with digital signals maybe

So I'm saying see the REALITY of s.e.x. itself for what it is in it's ACTUAL form...which is often confusing now b/c fantasy seems to be reality in our Western world all around us.

Learn to become aware and DIFFERENTIATE as we do on my monthly Relational Mastery power coaching.  There is a big difference between 'fantasy sex' and 'physical sex'.

And when things actually work 'in reality (physical)', it's when you DID trigger natural sexual attraction with her enough beyond just communicating socially. So why not get your 1.21 gigawatts at any time by natural grounding?

Here's another SNSD video which may be more palatable to you if you're starting out with grounding:
(official N.G. #4 Vid)

See, by doing natural grounding you're attracting real world physical relationships with women. You value the real process of seduction and the START of the PHYSICAL and sexual attraction - not the fantasy of sexploitation with women.

And they have to KNOW that you KNOW and that's when things get crazy. You have to be strong for them to escape the social pressure around them that says to act and look a certain way which they feel and know isn't sexuality.

By attributing your sexual energy to strippers, pornstars and 'sexy' women, you're attracting more fantasy relationships (and they know you're a dupe who doesn't get it when you try and meet them in real life - as IRONIC as it is..everyone is playing and believing in 'the game' b/c it appears real).

Until you come along with a stronger view of reality that you are congruent with that can lead to intercourse.

If you think about the REALITY of seduction, you have to actually build a PHYSICAL relationship and connect with a woman, spark attraction and get closer together. And it's so damn difficult in 'reality' when you go out because of why? Hmm...starting to see some things here? Because of your sexual beliefs and what you're attracting: social behavior instead of natural behavior.

So if you had the wrong idea and beliefs of sexuality this entire time for YEARS, it's actively effecting how you connect with women and what you are attracting. It's telling THEM how to behave around you (and they don't act like what you see on video b/c it IS a fantasy).

If you truly look at the fantasy of sexploitation, you're seeing the exploitation of female skin and bodies further into a relationship that defies the natural process of selection - not to mention it's all being done with an agenda to manipulate and coerce your social and economic behavior.

And because millions of women are 'congruent' with this make-up facade of social behavior (what you were taught to believe was SEXUAL behavior), it makes it even more difficult to connect with them and
build REAL WORLD PHYSICAL relationships.

Why? Because you believe sexuality is social behavior and your energy and physiology is associated with it so damn strong. Until you get your energy relationships handled, it's going to be very difficult to see physical results consistently. You will continue to attract more social relationships and fantasy consumer outlets. That is how the game is designed.

Things are so damn confusing because the contrived FANTASY world looks real and you start to believe in it but it's not the path to sex.


Look for the agenda..there's always an agenda when you see a beautiful lingerie ass in your face (

) this is NOT how real relationships begin.

(you can value ass, but who has the power? do you yet? or does she have the social value? yes you can get value out of both fantasy and reality in balance but you have to have the power)

When you do natural grounding, not only are you getting in relationship to the root of biological female sexuality and energy, you are now directing your sexual energy powerfully into attracting and starting
real, physical relationships with women.

So if more of 'physical' success with women is what you desire, then it's time to step up the natural grounding. And if you think about it, with the advent of 'media' and 'video'..all this social (sexploitation)
programming is doing is changing, influencing or reinforcing your beliefs of sexuality - b/c it's just AIRWAVES - it's not physical relationships.

With sexual attraction

Sexploitation = Fantasy relationships > more frustration

Natural Grounding = Physical reality of relationships > results
(built on sexual polarity & 'chemistry')

Time to get down to reality with natural grounding and you'll find that your REAL WORLD success with women happens because relationships can't get to sex itself unless the relationship actually BEGINS and
forms. To achieve the fantasy in reality you have to develop the physical relationship and now you can attract that directly.
If you're in a long-term relationship right now, natural grounding will really help to spark and keep the attraction and polarity alive or renewed.

Until you're more advanced in living with power where you CAN see past the PCD's own adaptation to their inner beauty, time to build your natural power.

When you get better @ natural grounding, the SNSD energy for example becomes a sexual, physiological relationship you have of alpha ying and yang. This effect of reality cancels out the weak notion of siding with them or viewing them socially as too 'girly'.

Polarity is powerful. And when you understand and love this side of women, they will open up to you like never before; again, PHYSICAL results from PHYSICAL relationships.

You can even look at the natural process of seduction between a man and a woman (anthropologically without social agenda or interference) and the physical escalation plane that occurs.

There's a LOT more to cover and talk about, so keep following with our ongoing natural grounding training and I encourage you to seriously watch the natural videos and start developing polarity.

Remember that s.e.x is a byproduct of a PRE-EXISTING relationship; not a 'video' relationship that starts instantly with her flaunting or showing her ass in your face.

Seek the truth and get in relationship to true female sexual, open behavior with natural grounding and they will open up to you far more in physical experience so that you can get to more of the fantasy AS reality.

Ask yourself, what you value more; social fantasy or physical reality with women & sexuality...your answers may shift your energy and focus.

What Kind of relationships do you want more of: Fantasy or Reality?

your sage

p.p.s. please understand these types of email/lessons will NOT be grammatically perfect or check for consistent flow, etc. I do it all myself and should have a professional editor but I don't have time to keep re-working them (when I'm giving a trump of information away for no charge) although I'll probably
tidy them up for further clarification when they go as online resources! -thanks for understanding - seek the value & effect
(official N.G. #4 Vid)...more advanced we'll talk about it in the future but still a powerful resource for grounding Popular & Cultural References with YouTube videos Used Under 'Fair Use' Copyright Guidelines. Copyrights belong to the respective owners.

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