Natural Grounding Lesson #5: Sexual Attraction Capability

Although it sounds like a tabloid headline, let me clarify that statement above before we get into our new lesson:

Overweight paraplegic fellow-peer-newsletter member of yours (with a SPEECH impediment) ATTRACTS women (which he didn't think was possible) from doing the exact SAME Natural Grounding Lessons that you've already been exposed to.

Got your attention? I hope so. Hehe. Because things are only JUST beginning.


Before I go further, this is a Long issue so here's N.G. #5 video
link which you'll find further down as well:



Here's his natural grounding testimonial which I received 2 days ago from Australia:

"TY again for the new N.G. videos, this is beyond Insanity now.

I noticed that around two weeks ago, many of the early teen girls have been hovering and blushing when I look their way. I was out war-gaming with the Lads at a store across the hallway from a few boutiques, and they seemed to hang around the closer racks for some reason... :)

It's only escalated from there, I went to a pick up a couple of video games for myself, and after the crowds seemed to part out of my way, the cute manageress (22?) insisted on helping me to find this game. When she found she was out of stock after all the auto-pilot banter, she made sure to give me her card so so "I could make it up to you over a couple of drinks..."

And to think, I'm a 19yo, overweight paraplegic uni student, with a speech impediment to boot... Again, this is Beyond Insane, and now I can't even hide in my flat/nerd cave anymore without some woman I've encountered "happening to be in the neighborhood."

Thanks again, and feel free to use my testimony as you wish :)
Is their also a way to turn it on and off at will? :) "

-Chad M, Australia

My response to him was that it's just beginning; there are absolutely no limits. And yes, when you achieve higher levels you actually can turn it on and off at will (very advanced) as I have reached.

After all, anything that's holding you back from the power of your nature and sexual connection ability with women could ONLY be social or personal (ie. INNER GAME) by definition.

With Natural Grounding we're actively breaking down the inhibiting walls of NURTURE that are getting in the way of our own sexual power.

This is what he's doing. He's letting the natural grounding videos and the experience of it affect his own energy. He's getting in relation to raw female sexuality and building his polarity with them. It's melting away his own ego, inner game and 'logical' limitations to tap into his nature, masculine energy and core. 

This helps him practically attract women in the real world because he already HAS a sexual relationship WITH women. He's starting to understand what it is viscerally vs. having to make believe or worse; have a false illusion of sexuality (ie. that it's just her skin).

He represents this power in his nonverbal behavior and energy and women can't help but respond to it. He's automatically connecting and communicating with women on the 'can't help it' sexual level. This power is beyond their own comprehension.

Whatever you think your limitations are, ALL of it I'm telling you are on the personal/egoic/inner game level. A 'logical' understanding that says 'I couldn't attract women' or 'why would they want me'.

That's complete B.S. and with my full training (like A.R.D.) you'll understand exactly why and where these false beliefs come from with Relational Mastery power to change them.

You have the power of nature and more importantly you as a man are the polar balance to the sexual nature of women.

It's just time to get in touch with the raw power and when you do, you will attract women beyond your own personal belief or what you think is possible even in this moment; you just never had a way to before.

What matters here is you and your relationships. N.G. is a practice. No one 'owns' it. There are no limits with your application of it for personal enlightenment and real world love life.

Look, we have many success stories from your peers so I hope you'll get involved with this if you're not yet. It's just beginning. The power is for real and I can't say it enough.

The beauty is that it's pure. There is no ego. My ego will creep in but you'll rarely find anything as pure as what you feel in relation to natural behaving women. It will radically liberate you in all ways. It's more powerful than the greatest ego's of man put together.

Natural Grounding gets you in direct relation to the raw sexuality of women and it opens your natural power so that women can be attracted to you on the 'physical' level which leads to everything you've fantasized about.

And as men, we ALL fantasize about you know exactly what (even when you're already getting a LOT of physical sexcess there are times you still fantasize, right?).

Remember that our last lesson was the FANTASY vs. REALITY of sexual relationships.

Natural Grounding can (more directly than anything) help you attract the REALITY of sexual attraction and physical relation-ships with women. It's about reality more than the 'fantasy' of digital sexploitation relationships.

You can ask yourself;
'What do I believe is sexuality?'

'What have I primarily been attracting? Fantasy relationships with women or PHYSICAL relationships with women? '

'What do I value? What do I believe IS the sexuality of women?'

'Their socially manipulated and exploited skin?'

Yes it's true you can actually have the best of both worlds as I continue to experience but it really does suck with ONLY the fantasy and not the reality with women.

The mind of a man is idealistic, virtuous at times yet it's also extremely horny and dirty at times. We are sexual beings.

If you want 'sexual' relations with women even more, then it would be 'prudent at this juncture' to understand and apply what actually attracts and develops the physical relationship more than the fantasy. 

I think you know you've probably been idealizing women and putting them on the pedestal (I REALLY did before). But it's time for a more accurate picture of reality; meaning PHYSICAL relationships instead of manipulated socio-economic relationships of sexuality.

And it's not an egoic inner mind focus of self-affirmations only such as 'all women want me' when it feels like a lie. It's about far more relevant power.

So let's lead into Lesson #5: Your Sexual Attraction Capability

The illusion in the seduction community is that 'action' alone leads to results (even worse; that all communication with women is 'outer' or social 'game' - a separate subject covered under my video on of 'Breaking The Limits of Inner & Outer Game'). 

If this were true than any PUA who approached a woman would be golden. We all know that not to be true. 

All that matters is the sexual connection you have with each woman when you DO connect with her. It's your sexual communication.

I really don't see success with women as a 'game' either (game being socially derived and 'man-made').

All that matters is results and if you value PHYSICAL results with women instead of attracting the fantasy (of banging her instantly through the objectifying fantasy) then it's time to shift your focus from the fantasy of sexploitation towards attracting physical relationships with women and connecting with them on he sexual level (which is NOT sexploitation). 

So if you really want to succeed with women instead of running a numbers game or 'getting lucky' then all that matters is your sexual attraction 'capability'. 

This is what allows you to transcend the numbers game and connect with new women powerfully that leads to (quite often very) physical relationships and fast.

This means meeting fewer women and getting far more attraction results and interest from women who really DO want to be with you for your effort. Want things even crazier, then you have the option to meet more women or bring more into your lifestyle who keep messaging you.

It's not even about a singular result. That's why I won't depend on any woman nor on any singular result with them. Another way is that I do not focus on s.e.x. when I'm meeting women and it's built in automatically through doing so much natural grounding because I'm connecting with them on the level which STARTS physical relationships.

Remember that seduction is bringing out the natural character of women. It's a mutually respectful process. And that s.e.x. if it happens is a byproduct of a PRE-EXISTING (physical) relationships build upon attraction.

P.O.R.N. is social value. It's not direct sexual value & it's what leads to more fantasy (non-physical) relations and it affects (esp. in your energy) how you connect with and communicate with women.

Since sexploitation is social value, it becomes very difficult for men to attract REAL, PHYSICAL relationships with women. Duh, you end up communicating with women on the superficial 'makeup' level which they despise you for. Time for natural grounding to bypass the social level of communication straight to sexual where YOU have the infinite power!

Those mainstream social lessons condition us to associate that primal sexual power with SOCIAL value instead of actual physical, sexual value as taught in other RELM lessons.

So to put aside all the games and inability to connect with women on the sexual level, what you ideally want to do is develop your sexual attraction CAPABILITY.

This is what allows real world physical attraction results from women. It leads to the REALITY of exual fun, success, etc. vs. just the fantasy.

So instead of focusing just on the quick fix, you shift your focus to your ability to produce results and with natural grounding you + meeting new women you've got a super formula.

You've probably heard me say it before about the Aesop's Fable.

There's a goose that lays golden eggs and one man (in a desperate attempt to get a golden egg) actually chokes the goose to death. But he gets no more golden eggs!

The goose was the 'producer' of the ideal intended result.

But everyone was focused on the golden egg instead of looking at the source where it came from.

The production/production capability formula which I got from 'The 7 Habits' is massively profound and pplicable in real life.

What are many men and PUA's focusing on? The desired result; the 'golden egg' if you will of 's.e.x. itself'. They keep focusing on the 'result' but it stays out of reach because they likely don't have the real-world capability of forming a physical relationship with women far more powerful than them.

They have the fantasy of the objectified one time, short term hit it and quit it before she notices act of fulfilling their selfish desires with a 'hot' woman with a hot body.

They are focusing on the PRODUCT even believing that her skin is her sexuality. In a desperate attempt to get the 'golden egg' (of banging her hot body) which remains elusive they aren't developing their ABILITY to produce physical results in the first place.

Their own sexual energy is associated with a social product, a control device - a 'stimulus' and they are the behavioral conditioned response to the (social, not sexual) power of women.

The greatest irony I think in the history of the world is that women can act, smell, look, even behave like s.e.x. itself and despise you for even thinking of them like that - yet it's all a fabricated illusion.

And they have to know that you know that it's all unreal.

It's not until you understand that they have merely adapted to their own social values and until you develop a STRONGER behavioral reality and congruency and represent that in your physiological communication with them that they will finally 'open up' and let you experience the fantasy in the reality.

So, in order to do so you have to build your ability to truly connect with women on the physical, sexual level.


If you don't have the capability, then you're just acting. And with the intuition and POWER of women today, you have to be at least as strong as that woman or she won't open up to you. Trust is essential.

So if you believe sexuality is what you're taught and women have the power who you approach, it will remain a fantasy because that is what you attracted:

You attracted the non-physical fantasy or illusion. The socio-economic attraction capability maybe. Not sexual or physical relationships.

With natural grounding you're automatically doing very powerful sexual attraction capability building. You will attract women into physical relationships instead of viewing the world as a softcore acting set.

So with what I teach the focus isn't on PUA style 'actions' to take. Ironically that is the EASY part. They've made a complex science out of the easiest thing; communicating with a human being.

'But what do I say'? a focus on the 6%; on the instant 'quick fix' to get her in bed.

That's not the issue; I've already told you before;

"Hey, what's up? Where you from?" And when you have a rapport then get her info and follow up with her.
All that matters is her interest (per Doc Love).

You really don't need any other pick-up lines so I focus on getting you and other guys empowered on the 4% of what matters; your sexual attraction capability.

It's your natural game, your physiological, energy and non-verbal behavior. It's your power. It's on you out there in your open fields meeting new women (unless ie. you're with me).

It's very easy for any person to connect with others when they actually have POWER and value. Natural Grounding and building your own sexual attraction capability gives you value on the more important levels.

Without increasing your cape-ability (super you), you're going to HAVE to focus on a more experience ONLY approach.
Natural Grounding is the real shortcut to behavioral change and even with that, you have to work at it but will start experiencing results soon.

So, why not get attraction results instead of rejection and dis-missiveness in your ongoing current experiences with women?

Action alone does not = success
Capability + action = far more consistent RESULTS and success

You may feel that you don't deserve beautiful women right now. Guess what? You've probably found 'in reality' that they aren't interested in you; you don't attract them.


What are you attracting? The fantasy? Are you putting her ABOVE you? What are your beliefs of female sexuality? Are they aligned with natural values and truth or social exploited values?

The reality is that you are the natural stimulus and she is the response. Society conditions you behaviorally one way and natural grounding reconditions your behavior and sexual communication/ability back in touch with your raw masculine power and polarity with women.

Natural Grounding not only BUILDS your abilility to connect with ALL women on the sexual level, but it melts away all of your inner game and social handicaps or limitations.

Just look at Chad's recent success.

When you do natural grounding, your own personal beliefs are coming into alignment with nature. Your false walls of social beliefs as sexuality are starting to fall and open you to raw sexual power.

If you desire s.e.x. itself massively, then I ask you to clarify; the FANTASY or REALITY of sex. And please, DO differentiate because they are very different. The problem is that we blur fantasy and reality (even the stripper in 'the wrestler' said so).

> What do you value more? The fantasy or reality? How do YOU want to transmute that energy? More into uhh..the keyholes out there or just into your personal areas?

How about both? Sexual nrg is unlimited. If you're ready to improve your reality world capability with women, then maybe it's time to take natural grounding more seriously because it attracts PHYSICAL relationships with women beyond your own belief.

Unless you're with me as a 15k client (still 2-3 open spots) or Natural Game Go client, I can't really be 'with' you personally;

thus, you are the one approaching the women and connecting with women - the words don't really matter and can be so simplistic it would shock you - it comes down to YOUR ABILITY and your capability to connect with them on the sexual level with power.

We don't act. We don't 'model' or become 'conscious' of alpha male behavior. We do natural grounding and get in hardcore energy/polarity relationships with alpha natural women which represent all female sexuality and unequivocally attract women.

This is actively developing your own 94% of power and communicating on those levels to GET the fantasy results you dreamt of with women more often.

If you don't have that sexual connection ability you're forced to resort to coercive tactics and the hideousness of inner and outer 'game'.

If we're talking REALITY and power that women can't explain but can't help but OPEN up to you and where things actually just WORK with women everywhere you go leading to ALL of the fantasy results you desired (when you get enough going of this with experience), then make sure you give your story on our testimonial hotline.

Natural Grounding is the most direct and effective way I've found because the 'action's' are very simplistic and easy to meet new women. When YOU have the 'power' and value and you have the non-thinking, can't explain it yourself, I must be on a supplement commercial live REALITY with women that blasts away your own limiting beliefs by action and results...well, I think you'll agree that grounding is the most miraculous effect you'll ever have in your life as well.

This could become a worldwide phenomenon and I think it is heading that way.

It's far more, but

We're talking 'THE' key to success with women; straight raw sexual connections. Doing the grounding will condition you into that BELIEF and reality. It will automatically reinforce your natural, sexual relationship with women on the non-verbal level. On levels far more powerful than your own ego or personal development.

So when doing the grounding and watching the videos, remember to get EMOTIONAL and remember that you value a woman's NATURE more than her social adaptive behavior or skin.

Sexploitation is acting. It only appears real because they've become congruent with the act. Time to get back to the roots of what has always been female sexuality; natural behavior which starts physical relationships that can end up in consummation no matter how beautiful she is - she has natural desires.

You have to know and represent that truth. You have to believe it in your skin to the bone and women will then open up to you like NEVER BEFORE. You know, I really expect to hear more from our paraplegic friend. Many more things will happen with other guys following this training.

So keep doing the grounding videos.

The miracles are just starting. And if you're not at the level of results you want yet, don't worry about it...each is on his own journey and remember that you're dealing with YEARS of behavioral conditioning we have to break down.

So Lesson #5 is your 'sexual attraction capability'. I've talked about it before and I'll talk about it again but you're not focused on any 1 girl. More importantly, you're focused on your CAPABILITY to create attraction within all women (as a single man).

Just do the natural grounding and watch the videos and you'll automatically be building your capability to get the golden egg results when you're out meeting women and going on dates.

You could sit in 'The Hit Factory' music studio and spend a year to maybe come up with 1 golden egg 'hit' single. It comes down to your CAPABILITY to produce; not the result itself. Likewise you could approach 1,000 women to finally get a result. That's pathetic in my mind.

(Versus only superficial 'action' which 'looks' like you're working leading to nowhere), focus on building your capability to PRODUCE sexual attraction results (physical) within women that leads to you and women getting closer b/c the power of nature doing it's part.

And then you save a ton of time because when you are meeting women, you're just getting far more results and higher close ratios.

Time to leverage nature on your side because otherwise you're left to 'game' or coerce women.

Masters in any creative field spend more time focusing on their capability than actual 'work'. Why? Because they have the highest levels of ability, they don't have to focus on 1 'result' nearly as much.

In 10 seconds of your future you can mesmerize almost any woman with complete absence of conscious game but it stems from your level of attraction CAPABILITY, not on your selfish desire of 'doing it' with her (the end product fantasy).

This means attracting and starting relationships at their forefront (the physical reality) instead of just fantasizing about 'it'. It means valuing women more on their natural behavior than the end result with them (which is how you will consistently GET to the 'end' result with them).

Do natural grounding and then meet women. Send me your stories, we've got a long ways to go but you're on the right track with this to really love, respect and powerfully bring out the nature (sexuality) of the future women you meet.

Are you in?

Ok, here's Lesson #5's official natural grounding video.


It's from a natural alpha woman called Nicole Theriault who is half Thai & half American

Remember that # of current views are irrelevant. Statements from other people are almost always social or personal views so what you want to do is develop a trusting relationship so that YOU can open up to the her and the video on a very personal level.

That means independent of social differences, language differences, cultural differences or expectations of what ANYONE else would think or say and start to get in touch with her energy, her nature and her behavior.

It may take a few views to open up to it more and 'trust' it esp. if it's too 'foreign' to you but remember that natural alpha women represent the behavioral sexuality of ALL women including any women you'll meet in the future.

Her energy and behavior 'as sexuality' is what you want to focus on with emotional intent.

The sooner you can get past the social and interpersonal dynamics of understanding/communication (so prominent in Western reality), even the fact it's redoing an American classic song, the more you will get 'in tune' to this sexual level (of power and value) and the more you will attract women.

Also, to many doing this it may 'seem' like you're going off in a weird and strange new direction away from what you thought was 'it' however,

You're not giving up s.e.x. because you're letting aside your previous definitions of it (rooted in social fantasy attraction). 

Instead you're actually getting far closer to the more consistent REALITY of physical attraction and relationships like that BECAUSE of natural grounding and it's sexual attraction effect.

Try it yourself and see!

Watch and see what happens in real life and how women start responding to you (or your g/f if you have one) after really getting in tune with this and the other videos.

Get emotional about it on your own time and under your own authority.


p.s. our official N.G. Central resource center will be available soon so you can go anytime to study at your own pace

here's the video link again for #5

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