Do This Right BEFORE You Go Out
(to meet women) -

Time for Lesson #3. This is important stuff. Legendary even.

If you're going out this weekend, BEFORE you go out or before you go on a date - watch this video. Seriously.

Watch it at least once and preferably until it actually has an affect on your energy, feelings, emotions and State of mind. Replay it as many times as you want right before you may meet up with your bro's or go solo.

Really 'feel' this and you'll probably be the #1 ladies man of attraction wherever you're going.  Women will love you because you respect them and understand their secret, never abusing or manipulating it.  Here's the video that I'm talking about for Lesson #3:


It's one of my faves now. And if you don't have time to read this training lesson, just go straight to the video and add it as a favorite or watch it now.

And if you're staying in, then it'd be a GREAT time to start digging into these natural grounding videos because it actually helps you get women opening up to you and starting physical relationships in the real world - when you just COULDN'T before or didn't get enough response from her.

So watch the video and just keep a few things in mind.

1. You're still beginning so don't expect attraction 'miracles' even though they're happening to other guys as we speak with natural aware of how things change with the women you meet when you're out. Results will happen but everyone may experience them at different growth levels due to their own dynamics.

2. Please please please get past the 'fact' that they are 'asian'. Get past your personal 'dislike' of pop music in fact ANY social or personal judgments - get past them a.s.a.p. because that is your inner game holding you back from raw, sexual power and truth that you can directly apply

And get past the fact right away that you don't understand the korean lyrics (verbal communication is logical and non-sexual).

Because when you can stop viewing these girls as from a specific social culture, that they're somehow 'different' or you don't understand a word of the lyrics, then you can really start focusing on what matters FAR more; their energy and (universal female) sexuality.

Focus on their energy, let it affect YOUR energy (this is when the magic happens), notice how they're not trying to manipulate you or using their skin to hold power over you socially, note how they're actually edifying you and talking about kissing you.

Notice how comfortable you feel around them and how uplifting and inspiring they are (and more as you develop with unlimited power and value).

3. Remember that this video, this type of 'real' behavior IS sexuality. Sexuality is not the strippers putting on a show or women spending 2 hours to put makeup on, THIS behavior represents the sexuality of the women you're going to meet. Not the socially driven facade of make-up or bitchiness.

This is biological sexuality which allows the process of life to continue - in it's alpha format. These are the kind of women you would basically make perfect mothers and long-term relationships. But right now I think you're more interested in the short-term 'benefits' of being single and stuff.

So..when you know what it is, you can bring this out of them (the process of seduction which leads to everything you dream of). You CONNECT with women on this level.

When you believe that this is sexuality, the more reinforcement you do through natural grounding, the more you start seeing it within all women and miracles start happening compared to before - and relatively fast. You start adding up your own crazy stories and experiences with women with even none of the PUA style 'work'.

4. Ideally with natural grounding you're supposed to get very emotional and overwhelmed; this is when you know it's starting to work. After years of being 'emo' about social and personally prized women, getting 'emo' about natural female behavior and sexuality will give you 'the keys' to women and build your own masculine power and polarity

You're not getting emotional about your own personality preferences (which would exclude a LOT of women) or what social culture or clique she's in or adapted to. You're getting emotional about what's been taken away from you and the power YOU have to bring out the sexuality of women on that natural, universal level within ALL women (and esp. more repressed within many of our modern Western women - think L.A.).

5. The results are simple; more real world attraction from women because your energy, values, State & levels of communication are shifting and changing to more directly connect with women nonverbally with sexual polarity that just melts (automatically) through her own logical/personal defenses and social-adaptive facade. As you grow more 'alpha' you will have more of an effect on women.

Try being 'normal' with women even after grounding and you'll see a major shift. Just talk to them you're adding the crucial 'attraction' subtext to the new relationship though so she sees you (instantly) as a potential lover.

6. Do not underestimate the power of what's represented in this video & other raw, natural alpha videos. It's the predetermined force of life and nature.

The more aware you become, the more it will powerfully affect your reality infinitely more than any inner game approach. And you'll never get enough. This video represents the RAW female sexuality (which is nothing like sexploitation).

It's the energy and BEHAVIOR you're looking for..not for their level of 'appearance' deemed socially valuable that has been conditioned into us.

7. THIS is what to value in women and the women you're going to meet from here on out. Value this, get very emotional about it during Natural Grounding as I do (on your own personal time) and you will attract it and women will reward you in MANY ways.

8. Natural Grounding helps re-channel your strong desire for s.e.x. and lust in a different way. It's pre-designed to help you START the actual relationships instead of valuing the fantasy of sex and buying into the economic game of sexploitation.

In other words, do natural grounding, apply it and you'll be able to satisfy more of that REALITY of desire for you and your woman - more attraction

9. Most Western women have nothing close to this level of open, powerful feminine energy b/c they are dealing with years of social suppression that is locking in their own sexuality and they're looking for a man who is the key to her lock.

YOU can unlock it out of them and that is a power far greater than any man's ego or whatever is STILL holding you back on the inner game level. Your key is your gift to women and meeting them can now be a revelous joy of heterosexual power in which things can develop quite fast.

And because feminine energy and biology is universal, you connect with all women on these more powerful levels
[so beavis...does your key fit her lock? uhhhuhuhuh]

10. YOU are the alpha. The SNSD girls are what I call 'natural alpha's' and are so 'behaviorally' (which means 'real').

By being in relationship to them, you are in the proper natural, sexual and physiological relationship for the force of life to attract and propagate (attraction/repro)

You're not the wussy emo dude with nerdy glasses and the BFF girl who won't sleep with you. YOU are the real man simply by being in relationship to REAL WOMEN who beyond 'get it'. They are the masters (of relationships and attraction).
After all, they're singing about 'kissing YOU'! Not about 'take your things out my house I took from you' or 'a bitch like me' or 'you can look but can't touch' or 'can you pay my bills?' or 'thanks for being just a friend' 'look at my lumps, you drooling fool - i own you and i'll never sleep with you - no, this is something ELSE that is historically accurate through all of history until social agenda of a few culture's warped everything around.

ALL women have natural character, seduction is bringing it out despite the level of their social or personal development or adaptation.

Again, now you (logically) know what sexuality really is (it's a behavior that LEADS to relationship which can lead to sex itself instead of the 'act' itself or the exploitation or marketing of the act as a consumerist behavioral fantasy world) and WHEN you bring this REALITY out of the women in your area code, they're going to keep coming back to you and everything becomes FAR easier and works.

But you're going to have to FEEL it. That's when it becomes a part of your reality through grounding, that you start getting more women and higher quality women into you.

So put it to use properly and the new women you meet will be staring and flirting and touching and approaching and showing interest like never before (but you actually really do have to value them on this level and not use natural grounding as a manipulative tactic).

Do Natural Grounding. Watch this video (here's the link again):

And then, go out and meet or date women. You'll find that with natural grounding, everything starts to change. (I do a LOT of N.G. on my own free solo time that has a cumulative effect of power and confidence).

Lots of natural grounding + experience (meeting new women and lifestyle dating) = solid behavioral change and leaps to mPUA levels of results within weeks, months or not much longer when applied. You just have to break down your walls of bad programming; again primarily through natural grounding & experience to eventually become behavioral congruency with this NATURAL view of the world.

So with this video, (I recommend to watch it UNTIL you start getting truly 'affected' by it), the more you can let it affect your own emotions, energy and physiology, the more results you will experience when you go out. Beyond logic alone.

So I want you to report back.

Send me an email by replying to this. Everyone's level of results will be different but I'm here to REALLY get you going with this and physical results with attraction & women over the next few months.

And just taking these steps is a beginner course to something far more powerful; unlimited attraction and results with women anywhere you go.

And remember, don't go out to 'hunt', go out to meet new people, socialize, have fun without 'needing' anything from women.

Make 'connections', even have NORMAL conversations without an agenda. If you do have something in common and there's a rapport between you, exchange info (several simple ways but it's really just intuitive) and you can follow up later.

Add natural grounding effect to this and YOU won't even be able to explain how women are literally all over you all of a sudden.

There's no question N.G. works, you just have to get more effective at getting into this sexual, physiological relationship and then communicating that polarity with women (and you will have rockstar level results).

You will start seeing very soon that strange, fun stuff starts happening with women out and about when you really apply N.G.

The only thing you have to think about when out there is just CONNECT with women, (drop all of the logic and just ground before you go out) and you'll find you're doing it naturally.

Let me know how it goes or what you think of that video.
rion @


"I am officially a believer. I started using natural grounding recently and just working on myself, my natural energy.  I don't knee-jerk react to women based on their looks. I ground myself. My h experiences have been really good results, even without seriously applying things yet.  What I notice is that when I am naturally grounded and not reacting, strange sh*t happens.

I was out with a girl last night. (3rd date) and I'm just being naturally strong (grounded) "being the stimulus" as you put it. She was literally "all over me" in the movies.

I guessing this is what happens as they see they can open up to you. I am ordering the [S.A.M.] program tonight. This is just a much more enjoyable and "natural" way to go about things.  When we are strong in our natural character, there is no need to DHV by negging. You are already there."

Regards, Mike

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