To kick things off for our summer Natural Grounding training, last time I had you watch the 'Secret of Women' video.

Here's the direct youtube link for it where you can add it to your favorites:

I encourage you to watch it once a day for a month and see the changes that occur with attracting women.  It's also got cues to help you understand on the logical level and 'clue in' to what sexuality is all about.

Now, it's time to start taking you into 'the vault'

Ok, so lesson #2 is about 'Female Sexuality', what it is, & what we're looking for.  Since there is an infinite talk-ability on this subject, I'm going to try and keep it focused and relevant but it's better that I just flow (or I'll keep re-editing).

When you really 'get this' you will have 'the key' to women, attraction and relationships.  You will be able to connect and communicate with women naturally as a byproduct of applying natural grounding & get results-when other men just aren't able to even if they've approached 5,000 women.  The real secret is that it's all about women and liberating their own true selves and letting them get in touch with their own body, femininity and energy - without manipulating it.  This shakti energy is where it's at - for women AND for men.  It can bring miracles to your life and unlimited inspiration.

So, the best thing I can do from here is just 'SHOW YOU' what raw sexuality is in it's purest form (and it's nothing like skin or sexploitation).

So check out this video by who I call the #1 natural alpha, Palmy:

You just have to get some good historical or cultural differentiation to see clearly that sexploitation is unnatural and a social construct. Women moving to Vegas to work in a strip club is not natural or sexual behavior, it's SOCIAL behavior and it's socially influenced at the root.

By applying natural grounding and building your polarity, you will attract and start relationships with real women far more than ever before.

Beyond the limitations of your inner game, you have a power and value that millions of women are looking for. With natural grounding, the entire world of women becomes something that you're a part of because you understand their 'code'. You may not 'get' it right away but don't worry..keep watching the videos until you start getting emotional and you start awakening to massive power and insight that truly transcends your own ego and you will start tapping into your own masculine power and presence.

It's new and strange territory for some at first, but the MORE emotional you get, the better.  And with polarity; she is alpha woman, you are alpha man - that is the RELATIONSHIP you are in and conditioning yourself INTO (with all women) and you'll connect with them more than ever before.

It will reframe everything for you and affect ALL of your communication with women; from interpersonal,verbal and social values/communication to the more powerful, nonverbal, deeper sexual levels of communication that will happen automatically without trying.  Literally all of your issues and the ultimate things you can achieve can be done through natural grounding and experience.

When THIS is your definition of female sexuality; a natural alpha woman (instead of a social alpha stripper or pornstar), EVERYTHING changes and you start communicating on the true sexual level with women and they start opening up to you instead of shutting you down.

Magic starts happening and with some of the men who are going through this exact same training you're going through now, over the next several weeks & months we're going to hear of literal miracles taking place in some lives and we're going to collect some new crazy stories.  But it's just the beginning and there are no personal, energy or sexual limits with grounding.

So when you're seeing Palmy and others I'll introduce; THIS is the behavior that represents sexuality and what you want to connect with, within women.  You can attract it out of them and they will reward you for it in many umm creative ways you name it.

How?  You don't have to memorize any techniques or methods; you're just USING your own inherent power effectively now.

It all comes down to energy and nature.  I'd say there is no other solution as powerful as natural grounding combined with experience.  I've attracted Dozens of physical/sexual relationships since I started doing it and the guys who are doing it..I'll be sharing some of their stories through time.  What can it do for you?  We'll see.

So, by watching select videos, this is the START of natural grounding.  And since you're a beginner, it's most important that you just WATCH the videos & without judging them.

Ultimately, you just want to start letting the female behavior and energy affect your physiology and melt away your own ego, inner game and social judgments or personal preferences. That's why I encourage looping, rewatching, freeze-framing, etc. to really help you get 'in the zone'. Here's another great example of natural female sexuality from Palmy as well:

When you watch natural grounding videos, you're getting in a physiological relationship with alpha sexuality of women; a relationship of sexual polarity.

A relationship that is extremely difficult if not near impossible to do in the Western world UNTIL you become really good with women or were already natural to begin with.

That's why by going straight to the source, we can accelerate our own practical experience with Western women much faster than judo-struggling with their social and personal shells by giving them what they want; respect and a real, natural connection and the emotions of attraction that they can't get fromother men.


Another way to define natural grounding that anytime you're doing it, you're 'building your polarity' with women and your attraction capability.

Your own ego (inner game) and previous definition/beliefs of sexuality is what is currently 'blocking' your true sexual power and ability to connect with women on the sexual level.
With natural grounding, you can condition yourself to transcend your ego and get into 'state' (and presence) faster and far more powerfully than ever before.
We're talking about physiological change but because we've been conditioned for so many years, although this is perhaps 'THE' primordial solution..behavioral change will take time.

Natural Grounding WORKS because you are being 'affected' by authentic, natural women; it's far more powerful than merely approaching women (& remaining just on the verbal or social levels of value/communication) or self affirmations, etc.

Several have said it's far more powerful than any other 'method' or school of thought out there for overcoming fear, anxiety and personal issues.
So, do natural grounding and meet new women.  You don't even have to 'date' women...just being NEAR them, they will start being more free around you because you are the stimulus and safety that respects and understands their truth.

But the reality is that some guys will see instant attraction results with women and often guys who are older it will take more time to decondition and reprogram themselves with grounding into a more natural realitywith women that is congruently represented in their mind, body and energy (around real 'hot' women that they meet).

I can't say how long it will take, the more powerful your grounding and getting in state, the more clearas day results and true behavioral change you will see.

You will watch the world change around you and women will start flirting with you everywhere you go.  Wait and see..just get started now I'd recommend.

If I do my training here done right, we'll have top level bootcamp results from guys just emailing in that will surpass any level event to date, just by doing grounding (without even paying for anything) and going out and meeting new women, being real.

Grounding opens this 'subcommunication' level up between you and all women so that they respond to you and can't help it (it's natural) where other men will play all kinds of games to get nowhere.

When you continue to 'build you polarity' and then go out and through life, meet new women you automatically start communicating with the DIRECT, RAW sexuality that is within her.  A sexuality that ISN'T about sex itself...that's something that might happen later in a consenting adults relationships discreetly between the sheets behind closed doors.

Why is it different?  Because you already have a relationship and are communicating on that raw sexual level that hides beneath the behaviorally conditioned social adaptation and personal development that modern women.  It's a different definition of sexuality, very different from pornography.

Socio-cultural daily influence has suppressed the true sexuality of millions of women.  Natural Grounding (at any time you can do it) gets you right back in relationship with raw, peak female energy and sexuality. Seduction is bringing out the natural character of women.  Getting physical is a byproduct of a pre-existing relationship.

Nothing will go anywhere with women if they're not attracted and they're 'closed off' to you because your energy is thrown off by putting them as the stimulus or you value their skin.

You know what?  This is incredibly difficult for me to channel down into 1 condensed email or article. Even with this summer Natural Grounding training we're not covering everything.  The value is infinite and not just for success with women but for personal and professional success as well.

I already had plenty of other notes for Lesson #2 but what I'm going to do soon is just make a N.G. resource center for you where I can have full development through time.
That's a lot of heavy stuff I started talking about now but most important for you now is (if you want true change and attraction results with women in the real world) to just start watching EVERY video that I represent through our ongoing training cycle.

Then, start choosing your own favorites and building your own playlists.  Start setting up your own natural grounding schedule of watching the videos where it's ok to get emotional like before you go to bed.

So with Natural Grounding, to remember now;
-Just watch the videos -Reinforce that this is the true female sexuality -Start getting emotional about it - let it happen -Notice how women start opening up to you more in ways   you can't even explain or understand There is a LOT of nurture conditioning that will have to be purged in order to truly see behavioral change and a shift in your reality with women.

Breaking down and getting emotional is when you know (in retrospect) that you're starting to really be effective at natural grounding. When you value this raw female sexuality, you will start valuing it and ATTRACTING it out of real world women; hence starting physical relationships.

Every time you ground you're automatically in the proper relationship dynamic of life force.  Palmy alone can RADICALLY alter your view and experience of reality; how 1 woman can be impossibly this infinite. Ok, so don't think too much about this now - it really is most important to start watching the videos and starting to get emotional b/c this is where the miraculous value for your life and future women is. You WILL thank me for it.  The power here is absolute; you just have to tap into it.

A LOT more training to come and I'll work on starting a resource center because this is so important.  Check out the videos and start to discover 'a whole new world' (of raw sexuality and attraction with women).


p.s. Don't get frustrated with it yet if you're not 'getting it' or still aren't 'feeling' it.  I'm going to help you along this journey and I'll probably bring in other guys who are grounding and seeing great results with women as well. Popular & Cultural References with YouTube videos Used Under 'Fair Use' Copyright Guidelines.  Copyrights belong to the respective owners.

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