Applying N.G. to Get New Women In Your Life

Let me do a bit of a recap before we go into this lesson.

Ok, by now you know that Natural Grounding is GREAT. It helps you view women in a completely different way and it helps you to get more attraction and flirting from women. It helps build your confidence, polarity and comfort around women.  There are SO many other's great if you're IN a long-term relationship to respark the polarity and can use natural grounding for INFINITE creative inspiration AND peak state experiences...for more happiness...there are no limits because we are 'meditating' in relation to shakti energy itself.

So what I'm talking about here just keep in mind that I'm a single man and am just interpreting through my own filters some of it's possible uses (to bring real world attraction with undying respect towards women as consenting adults).

In Western popular society we're conditioned to believe that a woman flaunting her skin and teasing or acting is sexuality but the truth is that it's really just social-adaptive behavior (in a great economic game of power and influence).

By watching natural grounding videos of natural behaving women, we get in a pure relationship to the original and authentic female sexuality that is free from social pressure. This is sexual behavior and what STARTS relationships at the beginning. This is what you want to bring out - it's within all women.

If you didn't do natural grounding or live in more natural countries it is unlikely you would ever know what it is (true female natural behavior covered up in today's Western world with independent and social behavior).

It's like the pre-teen girl inside - how a girl used to behave when she knew how to flirt and manage relationships, except it's unrepressed and retained in natural adult women instead of suppressed.

Connect with this and you have a key like few other men to manifest relationships with women.

It's this purity, liberty and sexuality that you value and start to attract in real life when you do natural grounding. (And you used to think that it was your ego or inner game this whole time?!)

(Sex itself is just the natural byproduct of developing a physical relationship based on this initial attraction through escalation)

You know natural grounding helps you subcommunicate on that sexual level, you know it reconditions your behavior (provided you keep grounding) short, mid and long-term to become powerful, confident, masculine, valuable, attractive and wanted around women.

N.G. helps you to build a STRONGER frame of reality than the non-physical, illusional 'socially' valued reality that people believe exists right in front of them.

If anything is, Natural Grounding is THE miracle pill. But it will still take time to recondition your behavior if you believed that magazine swimsuit models flaunting their skin represents sexual behavior or the path to physical relationships.

There's a lot of work to be done if you have been conditioned for years and are not yet confident and masculine in presence around women.

So Natural Grounding is probably already working for you like it is for many of the guys now doing it; more flirting, more comfort, less social anxiety, less approach anxiety, more attraction and so forth.

It basically does almost everything if you do it enough and let it affect you enough - everything except the few smaller things that you still have to do on your own (like approaching)

OK ok..

But as a single man - how do you 'apply' it to PRACTICALLY bring new women into your own love life?

And I mean PHYSICALLY bringing them into your life. Not magazine model fantasies for masturbation but real, flesh and blood, good looking women of high quality INTO your own love life or reality?

We're talking real, physical relationships.  

That's what this lesson is about and I'm going to TRY and keep it short because it could easily go off in different areas of basic approach techniques and so forth.


Keep in mind that it's really important to continue doing natural grounding..why? Because you have to RECONDITION yourself in relationship to natural sexuality or you're going to continue believing (and most importantly your physiology and energy will believe) that sexuality is a woman's social adaptation which spurs more of the isolationist FANTASY world between men and women. Doing natural grounding continually (even daily) will help you to attract and connect with women on the sexual level to start physical relationships.

It's like getting new 'programming' except instead of social programming which has influenced your behavior for years, natural programming affects your beliefs and allows you to effectively connect with women on other levels (raw, pure, sexual levels). We're talking behavior change here and the difference is huge.

Instead of women having all this illusional value, YOU end up having the value because you are one of the few men who can bring their true, raw sexuality out of them when you connect with them. You see through their social behavior or surface skin level 'value' and you interact with the suppressed woman inside.

Women start flirting and opening up and now I'm going to tell you how to apply N.G. to meet more women and get them in your love life.

Ok so,

At the writing of this lesson, I'm currently in Barcelona Spain and there are a lot of women here - lots of tourists. What I've been doing is putting Natural Grounding effectively to use before I go out to meet women (this eurotrip being the first time I've ever done it 'before' going out to meet b/c I've done years of induction grounding).

So what you want to do is do some good Open Polarity Grounding before you go out to meet women. This is key and it will make a tremendous difference. (Everywhere I go I get looks and interest and @ night I can tell who is interested from across the room, etc.)

For example, I did grounding and this group of Austrian girls was drooling and pounding on the windows of a nice bar as we walked by.  I think Etienne's hat had something to do with it.

And from there the rest is basically easy. You will have to have at least a basic knowledge and practice of HOW to approach women and how to meet them and number close. If you don't know how this is done, then find someone who is good with women or get coaching with me, Paul Janka, Etienne, Brent, Mitch, Cory Skyy or Zan for example.

(Ideally, you want to MIX natural grounding with experience (which means approaching, meeting and dating more women) - this is how you grow real fast and shave years off of your learning curve to get really really good at this).

So after doing a good OPGrounding session, you go out to meet new women (go to places where there ARE women) and just make connections. You can just start talking to people and then looking for signs of interest.  You have power and you respect the power of other people.  I have no shame in being single and meeting new people.

That's just being social and connecting with new people (it's very easy when you're powerful and valuable).

The main thing to do that really works though is to be aware of what girls are interested in you non-verbally. This is often easier and more common in closed environments (vs. passing you on a busy and impersonal street). Usually I'll just do both; cold and warm approaches and then gauge their interest level or lead it from there.

And since you've already done grounding, you'll be getting more attraction and more OF these indicators of interest. Look for sultry eyes, held eye contact, women glancing you up and down quick, twirling their hair, laughing more than usual in your vicinity, finding a reason to be closer to you, lightly touching you, smiling, etc.

I've become a master of reading their too can gain far greater awareness because you'll be communicating on these deeper sexual levels the more grounding you do.

I've easily met over 100 girls here and I've got like 34 numbers in about 2 weeks.

Lots of things will happen the more of an open, polarity state you can be in (which also keeps you out of your mind) and then just connecting with new women. Try it and see. 

The more effective your grounding session is, the more attraction you will get from women. So really it's like going out to meet women or have fun (but more effectively than before) but doing grounding ahead of time which will affect your own physiology, State, energy and HOW you communicate with women.

So really it's just a combination of grounding + basic meeting women techniques (+ number-closing) to get new women 'live' into your lifestyle.


N.G. also helps to get you out of being stuck in your mind of what to say or do - it just handles so much of that and puts you in a present moment.

1 of the biggest keys is sustaining State after grounding. Look back to that lesson.

Don't let anything interfere with it. And then just meet new girls and know how to number close them when there is a good connection.

I usually just ask basic light conversational things as far as the verbal or I'll use something situational. "Where are you from?" "Are you two friends or sisters?" etc. What you say is less important than how and who you are to them; confident, bold, shameless, unapologetic to be there.

(If things can lead towards a 1 night stand if it's what you want, great but the general standard is number closing girls and following up with them later).

This IS a separate subject but you want to get real good at number closing girls and you want to be clean and direct about it. Banter for a minute or 3 and then if there was a good connection just go for a number close as if it's expected (b/c to me, it IS).

Be confident when you pull out your phone and have her put her # in and make sure you store it with her name. Sometimes I'll press send right after if she has a local number so she has mine.

There are different ways but this is a variation of what I use a lot:

"hey give me your number and (maybe) I'll SMS you sometime, we can meet up (to party again or have a cafe)".

At this point I've mastered the number close (including daytime and direct closes) but I only really go for it when there's at least some interest on their part. It really helps to be direct especially with Western women.

Don't stay too long either if they're not solid 'yes's'

So by getting more attraction and interest because you did natural grounding and sustained state, you'll have more opportunities for number closes and then it's just a matter of number closing the cuties who are interested to follow up with later.

If they meet your initial standards (why you would approach in the first place usually), it's the women who show signs of interest that you want to follow-up with by SMS'ing a day or 2 later and take it from there.

I'll number close 'maybe's and 'yes's'.

You'll find that just taking the right 'actions' and consistently is a big part of it; being confident, doing strong NV approaches and bantering, finding common interest or attraction, number-closing and moving on BUT you've combined it with doing natural grounding ahead of time, sustaining your State and not letting any kind of dismissive or negative response affect your energy or State.

You can go out with what would otherwise be known as a 'wing' and it will be often more logistically beneficial as most all girls go out with a gf or in a group @ night.

If you want to see how I get 4+ numbers from good-looking women every time I go out as well as strong attraction, then personal coaching is where it's at.  

If you're taking the actions but not getting enough interest, attraction or girls wanting to give you their number (often checking it right after), then DO MORE NATURAL have to raise your own natural value and power.

Become the man that would do everything right in the situation to get physical with her at some point in the near future.

As you go out you'll just find women who are INTO you..often you'll have to just approach first and then as you talk to them a bit you'll start to see where they're at.

No matter the response, don't let it bother you. My friend, Paul Janka says that you're really just bringing out what's already latent to the surface (my paraphase).

So keep meeting new women, number-closing and you'll add new girls and options to your lifestyle quite fast.

More effect on your own energy from natural alpha women in the music videos = the more power and effect you're going to have back out on real women out there in the 'real world''ll just be communicating at those levels.

Remember that seduction is bringing out the natural character of women.  ALWAYS with 100% respect...I NEVER advocate manipulation in any form and never have.  She should want to be with you as much or more - it's just as men we usually have to lead this process and move things forward.

Do your OPGrounding and then meet new women and things will be an entirely different experience of reality. It will become fun and enjoyable for all involved.

N.G. also keeps women wanting to return to you developing the relationship physically. You'll still have to frame it but just do your grounding and women will be helping you to get involved with them far more. You can't put a price on attracting, meeting and being desired by beautiful women or the women YOU want in your life.  It's a win/win.

So get grounding and meet some new women! There's no cost with the youtube

Rion Williams

this lesson's video is one I've been watching a lot's relaxing and helps to open you up..helps to ground you not only in a stronger natural reality but when you 'own it', ground you in your OWN reality..get used to it is what I recommend:

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