Sustainment & Commitment to State

This is the bridge to make your dreams with women come true and the key to unbreakable inner game when you're 'out' meeting women.

This may be the single most practical, applicable practice (anywhere) you can apply to see strong improvements with attraction, meeting women and follow-up date  ratios. (The 'words' to say are near insignificant when you've got this down).

I'm going to teach you now how to have unbreakable 'inner game' and how to get VERY strong attraction and flirting signs from women. This makes connecting with them, having fun, getting #'s and memories as a single, MUCH easier.

So what do you do? As you learned previously with N.G. Lesson #9:

Ground before you go out but the key for lessons 10 here is to SUSTAIN your State.

This is where the magic happens in application. It makes everything you're doing EASIER because you'll be getting more interest from women. You have more mojo.

In other words do OPG (Open Polarity Grounding) to really get in an 'open' State of energy and physiology. And then KEEP that same level of State or as close to it as you can. Don't drop it for anything.

You REPRESENT Alpha Nature by doing this.

Don't close it off or let it be suppressed by ANYTHING outside of you. That is the key and even beyond this lesson it's so important that I'm going to be covering it a lot & teaching from my new experiences with women.

Sustain your alpha state as you interact with the outside/external world including women.

I don't care what kinds of distractions, noises, responses, rejections, dismissiveness, maybe's or unnatural types of behavior you'll run across afterwards. You must keep State and believe that the natural reality IS stronger than the reality you see in front of you (otherwise you will literally lose and it will be an uphill battle with women).

Get IN State first and everything (your results) will flow FROM it when you're 'out there'. This is the bridge so there isn't a fantasy world internal 'disconnect' with the outer world - you're actively bringing out the natural character of women you meet (seduction).

That means YOU be the man who (ideally) brings with him the same level of power and polarity that you're in when your watching ie. a Palmy music video and letting it affect your energy. You'll find the women you meet will start BEHAVING like natural alpha's around you the better you get at grounding and sustaining state.

Even if it's DAYtime, do some good grounding first and THEN go out with a sustained state and open energy when you're meeting new women.

You'll see a big difference in responses (that you want) from women. You may have to train yourself to get used to doing things this way but you'll be able to tell that it's worth it pretty soon.

But let's take it even further beyond SUSTAINMENT of State into something more.

'Ok, ok so now how do I (hopefully and finally) not only achieve absolutely UNBREAKABLE Inner Game, but also become completely indifferent or absent from any form of rejection and how do I make it EASY to meet or approach new women Rion?'

My answer is..wait a minute..shouldn't I be CHARGING for this kind of information? lol..

Yes the key is OPGrounding and sustaining State when you go out but there's something else you can do as well that's related to this so I'll keep it in the same lesson.

Actually, I'll just make it Lesson 10.5

Well, after years of experience with women, dealing with my own inner issues in different ways..this is where I'm at now and it's working. This is kind of a magic 'no fail' formula for meeting women.

It basically takes all the 'pressure' off of having to approach or work to meet women - not to mention the flirting and attraction with women reaches new levels.

In fact, the real money is this; sustaining your State is your ONLY goal or priority when you go out. It's greater than and more important than WHATEVER your external environment.

Your goal is to COMMIT to sustainment of State after you do grounding.

Now..don't be anti-social..make connections with people and women but just don't compromise the power and flow you feel inside. It will take some self-training and more experience but you will ATTRACT situations, experiences, women and people like never before.

And for your reality to be stronger than the external, 'social' reality you will have to do a lot of grounding and reconditioning.

Your State rules. NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS outside of you or 'as a response' - Don't compromise it.

Your goal is simply MAINTAIN integrity to your state. It's easier for those of us who have over 100 hours of grounding in because we have something substantially solid.

If you don't yet, you're closer to 'everything' else controlling you.

But when you get in deeper states and then commit to keeping it..

Then it's easy to approach women because no matter what happens you will walk away unharmed because of the leveraged force field of natural power and personal unbreakable wall of integrity you've built.

You are in the 'right' and you just exist and represent it. It 'trumps' the social adaptation you see in front of you because you were just in relation to the pure root of female sexuality before you went out.

Now you (again) just connect with women and seek to literally bring out their inner Palmy. Combined with the protective cocoon of un-phase-ability (far beyond any man's inner game); this might just liberate you as you start not caring about what (haughty, less aware or ignorant) people think. Don't compromise nature.

Women have to SEE and believe that your (natural) reality is stronger than their (social or personal) reality. A logical battle won't get any positive results.

If something bad happens, just walk away - just don't let it negatively affect your state. If you would want to react negatively to anything even with reason to -DON'T. Even if you're the most logically aware guy in the world, state and the power of nature trumps it.

Go with the positive 'feeling' oriented effect you get when grounding and keep it. I've started doing this and every time it's yielded clear, proven results with women.

State is more important than the visceral 'reality' you see in front of you with all it's glitter, noise and vibrancy.

You just have to believe it. Your reality must become stronger than the reality that is 'outside' of you and when you reach this point of NOT letting anything affect your natural alpha state, THIS is when women will start opening up to you strongly and want to be a part of that (sexual) reality. You are being that alpha man.

You pass tests because you're non-chalant and with strong energy you mostly won't get tested but when you do, you already know the actions to make; nothing to compromise your state. You will find crazy, fun stuff happens and that it's fearless and fun to see the Palmy inside of girls and they start flirting with you.

That stronger reality WINS (and you get the girls).

Any thought of 'I'm weak, I don't deserve a hot woman like this or they have so much social power' - no...that's not in natural state (it's egoic/inner instead) and fortunately the state you have while grounding represents the truth.

So in a way you can start getting away with a lot of things when you have the strongest reality. You're involved with the world socially and interdependently but nothing affects you negatively including envious haters.

Remember that women have to KNOW and feel and sense that you BELIEVE your reality is stronger. They will sense this fast and it's where they're really making most of their judgments about you on.


Consider being more direct with women as I'm doing recently just for fun. If things don't work out consider it a 'no deal' relationship because you don't need her and nothing can affect the integrity of your natural state.

I'll tell you when you SHOULD care is when a woman has proven herself worthy to build a relationship with you, THEN you can start caring about her. Putting your heart on the line to heartless (often at this point) women or treating them as the prize or stimulus means that their reality is stronger than yours and a caring relationship wouldn't form anyways..

(there's another key angle I'll talk about this rock-solid 'inner game' on some other time)

YOU show up with the stronger natural reality and the test is how you maintain it in the face of adversity - so have fun with it but don't compromise the integrity of your state which represents alpha nature.

When your reality is stronger, hot women will start opening up to you.

I've had women 'trust' me within seconds of meeting me because they know I believe in my reality. I'm congruent with it and I see no other stronger reality is possible because I represent the core peak of alpha sexuality.

When they 'trust' you from your energy and physiology, they can OPEN up to you and enjoy the ride.

The hot, tall, rich blonde I picked up at the latest airport gave me her handbag and luggage to watch after only knowing me 4 minutes. This just does not happen my friend.

No, she isn't crazy..she actually did the right thing and it says a lot. She could 'read me' and tell that I don't steal (never have out of principle) but yet I wasn't some wuss. There was strong attraction between us (I'll tell that story some other place).

With most women I approach now there is instant attraction with physiological trust. The more they're around me, the more they are attracted and want to melt and give in to higher levels of my natural power which brings out their nature.

ALL the magic happens when you have that stronger reality. When you get in 'alpha state' through natural grounding and then sustaining your's an open beacon to draw women into you and within seconds you will find they start trusting you and follow YOUR next move.

You don't have to consciously 'think' about 'pick up' or 'what to do' (beyond a few basics).

They yearn to be liberated from their very lonely social pedestal which is non-sexual into the arms of a man who represents nature and knows what he wants. You have to REPRESENT that power 'live' with women.

Sustained state also means sustained and growing attraction and anticipation from women.

Sustaining it means you're congruent with your stronger frame of reality and you're doing it 'live'. It's not just some inner idealistic fantasy world; you're taking 'THE TRUTH' with you live and communicating it by your energy and behavior. THIS is what makes things go off the hook.

The beauty of OPGrounding is that you're taking this sexual power actively outwards in your social communication 'live' with people. It's not done for the purpose of induction grounding or unlimited creativity which can be done with other variations of grounding.

The more you can understand the profound depth of sustaining your State, and the more you apply it, the more mPUA level results with even more consistency you're going to have with women.

You can try self-affirmations but when you go out, if you can't sustain those beliefs, they'll get wiped out instantly for example women who really DO have more social status than you and you're left below ground zero.

ALPHA NATURE & RAW SEXUAL POLARITY TRUMPS EVERYTHING. Leverage it. Your inner game is nothing compared to it's power. I accept that and I leverage it. I am humbled by the power of natural alpha women, I let them affect me powerfully and then I affect other women I meet or date.

N.G. gives you far more power and leverage BECAUSE you are going to the core ROOTS of sexuality and alpha nature itself - this absolutely TRUMPS all nurture and social behavior, ignorance or dismissiveness of ANY woman on earth. This is a lot of power you have available with natural grounding to draw, embrace and represent.

Grounding is HOW you get that 'stronger reality' than any woman on earth. In fact you REPRESENT everything that she possibly COULD attain - doesn't matter who she thinks she is socially.

It's greater than ANY social or independent frame already - by it's own inherent nature and intrinsic value. It's just up to YOU to reach that level of representation, congruency and belief with it and the world of women (and unlimited pussy access) will open up to you as a byproduct.

This is so important so let's look at it again:

DO OPGrounding and keep your energy open - sustain that state.

Your only #1 goal when going out and applying this is to commit to SUSTAINING the integrity of your State no matter how your results or connections go.

Done properly, you become unbreakable.

This is an ultimate framework because you'll be attracting and meeting women with far more power and results. There's really no downside..just get the diamond of you and nature in front of more women and things WILL happen.


You have the power and choice NOT to let ANYTHING else in the external environment TAKE IT AWAY or affect.

Not; noisy public transportation, revelers doing their own thing, some domestic yelling next door, a dog barking, average looking women ignoring you, hot women dismissing you as what they think to be another guy, cars honking, bright fluorescent lights, even mundane habitual rituals like crossing waiting for stop lights or anything for that matter.

In other words you're KEEPING AND TAKING the truth with you. In your presence, your 'being' your independence, your aura. You're actively taking your stronger version of reality with you.

NOT as a previously kept internal idealistic world where the women are a respite from the harshes of quote unquote 'reality'.

No, you TAKE the fantasy (which actually is the reality of alpha nature and sexuality) INTO the 'reality' of the 'real world'.

You bridge that gap and you bring out the sexuality of women 'live' socially as their eyes start shining around you and they start flirting.

The process of seduction starts. Leave them wanting more, get contact info and follow up later. You've given them value (natural/sexual) that they are RARELY getting from anywhere else that's 'real'.

By NOT giving away or letting your State be suppressed or influenced by external environments (especially including ANY neutral, dismissive or negative response from women), well, that's it.

I hope you understand that you HAVE that stronger, more natural reality that exists. THE MAGIC IS IN DOING THIS..not just UNDERSTANDING it logically.

The behavior of Palmy is REAL. You don't have to make it up or imagine it. Get in relationship to alpha nature so it affects you, then get out there in front of women and your energy can affect THEM.

So when you VALUE women on their natural behavior, energy and sexuality as represented in it's purest form in natural alpha grounding resources, and you let it affect you and you CARRY that physiological energy present state of 'polarity' with you.

This is when the magic happens. Keeping the 'live wire' open is like you're actively connecting and sparking the inner natural alpha (palmy) within the women you meet.

Your power is that you can liberate them and set them unbounded in a world where they are living under lots of strict rules and codes.

Sexually, spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally...this is attra ction.

If you're going out to 'pick up' women and THEY have the power, you AREN'T truly comfortable in your own skin or have to 'work' a lot and you're missing attraction..well it's time to try OPGrounding and sustaining your Alpha State and polarity then.

Then when you go out, go out with the intention and COMMITMENT of sustaining your state no matter what happens. Then, meet girls and continue the cycle, getting in deeper states and taking things to extreme levels.

Here is a great video for you to ground to before you go out:



Note their fun care-free behavior and even though they're dressed 'sexy' and you can see some skin..they don't 'take the power' away from you. This is the ultimate balance.

Let me know how it starts for you,


p.s. if you APPLY this lesson and really get into it, it will be worth a LOT to you and your love life

p.p.s. extended version incl. edited short stories will be included in online N.G. Central sometime this or next month

." - J R

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