Natural Grounding: Lesson #8
The Natural Power of Laughter

There was a little delay in getting this out. I intended to get it out last night but I picked up a mother/daughter (or did they pick me up?) and played pool by the black sea. Crazy times.

So here we are with Lesson #8.

Here's something I'd like you to try. Laugh your ass off before you go out and meet women. And laugh far more often. Laugh on dates and get women laughing.

Laugh on your own anyways even when you're not meeting or before dating women.  It doesn't have to be only with friends or waiting for an experience to happen. Get comedy programs on iTunes or seek videos on for example.

It will really help you feel more 'real' and at ease in your energy.  Laughter can be the 'effect' of a 'cause' such as a story, line, scenario, experience, situation, thought, etc. but it's the effect you want.

Laughter helps get rid of anxiety. It EFFECTIVELY melts away your conscious, logical, egoic 'inner game' and mental thought into a more NATURAL State of 'being'.

Studies have been done to show that it does have a therapeutic effect.

So why not just start doing it more often!?

Then, it's just a matter of doing it enough (conditioning) and then sustaining that more open state in all of your communication.

It's powerfully attractive. Women especially love feeling the effect of laughter or humour and it's a great trait to have.

Think of when you laughed the did you feel? Gasping for air? Rolling on the floor? Crying from laughing so hard?

Falling out of your seat? Feels great doesn't it?

Well, it can also help heal your 'inner game' woes.

When I saw 'Rat Race' in the theater I fell out of the seat laughing so hard during the Hitler car sequence. You always feel good when you're laughing.

Try Eddie Murphy 'Raw' if you're bold. Just look for resources that really give you the effect. We'll talk about this some more but for now..

Think of how dynamic and natural babies are. They have a powerful effect on people around them because they are closer to nature and more pure. They have more POWER and dynamic effect on people.

They can experience a greater range of emotion and changes faster.

When they laugh, other people are also affected including when they smile. They are more PURE. By laughing and melting away NURTURE you get back to your NATURE..this is a miraculous part of natural grounding which you can't put a price on.

Done enough, you start becoming a more NATURAL man instead of a nurtured conditioned man.

Alpha men are the most emotional and most natural. When you start taking time aside to work on cultivating your NATURE, your power, your polarity and your natural State, the effect will come across in the women and people you communicate with - thus saving you years of experience to get the results you're looking for.

Being emotional and experiencing the range of emotions YOURSELF outside of your conscious-nurture developed mind gets you back in touch with your roots. In an age of logical thought, people know where the value is at; there is more power with feeling and physiological involvement of emotions and laughter.

When a woman can 'FEEL' you or 'sense' your energy and power it's doing 10 times more work than logical thought or the words you say.

You become more 'real' again and it becomes easier to communicate with other people including talking to beautiful women.

But when you're in a tight, constricted 'psychological time' of your egoic mind (Tolle reference) and unfunny or loose you're making all kinds of things up about how she'd be interested or wouldn't be and you're creating more of a fantasy reality.

This is your ego or what I call your 'inner game'. It can't be worked out there. Laughter helps get you 'present' and in the moment. So do what GETS you into that natural State.

Intuition and feeling and emotion are on different, more natural planes where it's far easier for women to find value in you and connect with. There's more power. If you can laugh yourself, you can get others laughing.

Laughter keeps you GROUNDED and closer to nature. You feel different and thus communicate differently.

Natural Grounding keeps you grounded in the 'now' and on sexual levels to powerfully connect with women when you meet them. So Lesson 8 is kind of an extension here to help you 'feel' more powerful, natural and attractive with the power of laughter.

Remember that emotion and powerful emotional resources are key to truly breaking down the walls and barriers that have been conditioned and built up over the years. So resources like comedy, select videos and the so forth - you can ACQUIRE and collect to help produce the intended result.

Laughter (and Natural Grounding) is the best medicine! Belly laughing is the best. So check out each of these 3 videos in this lesson...they really work for me.




..'try my burger and balls'

These are LOL funny...just insane. Actually discovered 1 of them from a RELM forum member post and then found the others.

[Extended version of this lesson will be on later]

Next, we have one of the most important lessons coming up followed by several power lessons this month as our ongoing Natural Grounding continues.


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