Open Polarity Grounding

When it comes to sexual attraction and meeting or dating women, THIS is where it's. Do this effectively and your success with dating women will skyrocket. Not only that, your social skills will unleash.

This is the #2 power technique (besides another even MORE supreme one coming up in a future lesson which is the ULTIMATE Jedi level effect) that will just open things up with you, women and attraction. You'll be able to apply OPG and see INSTANT results with women even when you step out of the door. at

This is what we mean by 'ground before you go out'

But before we get into it, allow me just a little bit of pre-amble to lead up to it b/c I think it's important (otherwise skip towards the bottom if you're short on time).

When you start doing OPG and truly reconditioning your power and energy, women won't be able to explain it, they'll just have to BE with you. At the start of relationships that means far more often giving you their number versus NOT giving it to you in the short amount of time you meet them.

It means them opening up to you versus not opening up to you. It means having the advantage and chance that few other men have. It means attraction that just compels them to want you that they start sensing and realizing that the OTHER women are in competition for.

It's not just about approaching or meeting new women (that part is obvious) but it's about the level of attraction and energy connection you have with them when you do connect. Are they 'lighting up' when you connect with them?

Or are you 'working' and having to try and trigger or 'sustain' attraction making it a painful chore? Yes it seems true some women just 'aren't ready' no matter who you are but if you're NEVER getting flirting or's time for some heavy duty relapse here - don't throw the towel into your fantasy world just yet.

Without attraction you'll likely be forced to deal with a LOT of pain, frustration and 'game' even for YEARS with minimal or moderate results. Or settling for women who are less than what you REALLY want.

Why wait that long and rely on unnatural 'experience' with women alone? OPG is your direct path to attraction with women. It allows sexual communication to openly occur on the non-verbal and physiological levels.

It comes down to the power of nature and polarity that compels women to be with you despite any other weaknesses or still lacking (like inner game) areas when you do connect.

And if the 'magnet' of you and your energy is weak, it's not going to be able to compel or attract women strong enough no matter how much 'action' you take. Natural Grounding helps you build the power of your magnetism and 'effect' on women.

Marcus (a top student/peer and grounder) told me that it seemed unfair, like he was manipulating women it's so powerful.

OPG allows you to directly connect with power and value on the sexual levels when you meet women (amazing polarity that stuns them). It's the fastest 'real' track that I know possible other than the #1 technique coming up for true results (limited to only the already skilled and controlled).


If you're NOT following along with our summer training and (not) doing the natural grounding YOU'RE CRAZY!!'s power is miraculous. Stop seeking 'inner game' solutions or logical answers is my recommendation. Do what works; try natural grounding and meet new women.

You can understand it logically and it does make sense (recondition your energy in relation to natural, sexual women) but not until you start applying it will you be 'sold' on it's absolute power and effectiveness with physical women you attract, approach or meet.

When done properly it's 100 times more effective than swagger-based self-affirmations.

OPG could be your ultimate goal or workhorse practice because it's the most practical and applicable to successfully meeting, attracting and connecting with women on the sexual levels that leads to physical results and new relationships.

So I recommend to listen up and apply it to use. You can do OPG before you go out anytime. The power is infinite.

If N.G. hasn't worked for you yet or you didn't feel anything, do it again until you feel something - the rewards will be worth it. Less work and more women with a more active sex life. Go through the lessons on

What you want to look for and 'get' is a powerful, active effect on your State, energy, beliefs and physiology. This is when you start getting somewhere when grounding. Getting emotional (when possible) is a great caveat to success.

&There's not even a cost if you use the youtube video resources yet it's one of the most powerful things you can do for your dating and sexual life. Natural Grounding helps get you in SEXUAL STATES to communicate on that otherwise elusive primal and energy level that starts relationships.  This is GREAT if you're in a long-term relationship or married and want to respark the polarity.

Have you experienced it enough or at all?

You can't put a price on it - especially when all the 'work' you had to do was reconditioning your energy with natural grounding and then some braindead simple 'meeting her' tactics (all without game).  Don't underestimate the will take some time to condition yourself and truly get in State compared to your peers - some are faster some are slower. But results start happening and improvements right away in most cases.

Other times I've proceeded to carry them from making out on the couch and dropping them on the bed to go all the way but this and other intricacies are a subject for a different area when I'm even less of a gentleman.

Point is;

I don't have to 'run game' or memorize anything (except a few words in a different language where applicable) because I've done so much Natural Grounding that it's powerfully affected my entire reality.

If you don't have strong power or polarity though, it's going to be more difficult to attract and or keep the level of woman you want in this life so you may as well start working on it effectively by watching the resources and doing the natural grounding.

When you can liberate a woman, you hold a very special power. The NATURAL power and ability is rampant within natural grounding resources and it's locked within the women you meet. Let natural women unleash it within you.  It's important to respect and understand this is NOT popular mainstream to talk about physical values but it's something that is only done in very respectful relationships of high synergy.

So if you would LIKE to have mPUA level results without having to be an mPUA, then DO YOUR GROUNDING. You don't have to do as much as I have because OPG is even more powerful with women 'directly'than most of what I've done in the past. I'm really just starting with OPG myself.

Natural Grounding + Experience is where it's at. Open Polarity Grounding is a variation of N.G. that hits the sweet spot and I'll explain it some more and how to do it.

If you think sexuality is about bitchy, prickteasing and 'made-up' women wearing tons of make-up in MTV or it's worldwide offshoot 'popular' music videos - it isn't - that's the fantasy and illusion that keeps men and women alone. It drives much of modern economics and non-physical relationships of attraction.

To succeed with women in reality, you have to connect with them on the original, raw physical level which you get with while natural grounding.

Are you ready for DIRECT results and improvements that you'll be able to attribute directly to OPG? The more YOU feel, the more WOMEN will feel.

[The only thing I'm 'selling' here is you on the concept of natural grounding which again, doesn't cost anything if you watch on youtube. I just know the miracles it can do in your life to handle all of these issues that never get handled with inner game, etc. and most importantly the results you were looking for with women].

Marcus and Kindred's London mPUA level blitz (where it's supposedly one of the most difficult) they attribute to natural grounding of the 'open polarity' variety. Marcus told me about it and he had women basically lined up non-stop and everywhere he went women would literally be all over him or affected by him on the streets and in clubs.

His love life exploded.

Those who have effectively applied Open Polarity Grounding (including me now) have experience phenomenal, extra-ordinary attraction from women. 3 of those guys have historical forum posts on our Relational Mastery (monthly members are involved to post only) forum amidst thousands of other posts.

So what is Open Polarity Grounding? And how does it differ from 'regular' Natural Grounding? How does it 'work'?

To beginners with natural grounding (a simple and fun style of 'meditation' in relation to natural alpha women in music videos), the difference between Natural Grounding and Open Polarity Grounding may not be that noticeable.

What differentiate OPG from regular Natural Grounding is it's applied use. Basically you SUSTAIN your open energy state achieved during natural grounding and you keep your inner game or ego out of the equation. In other words you retain the same State and energy while grounding when you go out.

Do this and miracles will start happening to you with women. But even I have only started doing's power is limitless when you apply it. It's far beyond any conceptual, logical, mind of man 'technique'.

The thing is, since it's inception (before I knew what I was even doing 6 years ago), I have been doing what could be called 'induction' grounding.

My accelerated success with women has only been a suppressed byproduct of massive amounts (1,000's of hours) of induction style grounding which has led to infinite creativity, wisdom, and personal/professional breakthroughs.

Open Polarity Grounding is new, very powerful and it's the fast track to direct sexual connection with women.

Where I took tons of time over years, it's possible to do what I've done in mere weeks or months if you're doing OPG. This is the most direct way or path to sexual connections in your energy.

Even if you do an effective session and go out, you can still meet women that you wouldn't have otherwise met.

There were a few key RELM members who were using natural grounding BEFORE they went out to meet women whereas I would ONLY do it during personal/solo sessions independent from any other human contact.

They started posting crazy results on the forum and would email me some of their new experiences. It wasn't until March in D.C. that it hit me; Open Polarity (the perfect word choice) is the DIRECT application of natural grounding to immediately meeting women.

It's what a few guys were doing and seeing crazy results and their sex lives boost tremendously. There were doing an earlier form of OPG before even I was.

I had only been doing N.G. INdirectly through all of this time and keeping a lot of it 'inside' of me although it would seep out with women I'd meet and date and they'd keep coming back to me.

OPG is basically opening your energy and heart chakra while grounding and building polarity except that (again) the key is that you sustain this open energy and state when you STOP natural grounding.

It's getting in a deep, open 'state' in relation to natural alpha women letting their energy affect your physiology and emotions and then when you're done grounding KEEPING that same State when you go out.

To help do this, have the intent of being 'open' and consciously choosing NOT to allow or let your thinking, logical mind 'close in' on you when you go out.

This means that you're open and more interdependent (or 'social'). Your energy is more approachable, open, and sociable vs. being closed off and so forth.

Your results flow from your State. Your capability comes from our State of mind. The same hotties who wouldn't connect with you before, become open and responsive when yo u're in the proper true physiological state instead of when you'd be closed off as previously. Drawn out, this starts making all the difference.

Once you start realizing the depth and power of alpha state with natural grounding (Rhythm of the Times concert is my #1 resource by Palmy) you can start extending this same level of power OUTWARDS to share the same state with other people.

Your social life will explode and you won't be acting. You don't have to 'try'...your energy and presence alone speaks volumes and it comes from the deeper, polarity states you're entering and sustaining which just would NOT have been possible before.

So they key with OPG is that you SUSTAIN the state that you achieve while grounding. The deeper and more mind-blowing, the better. And you learn to condition deeper states and this is where it gets exciting.

There will be other ways to leverage your success 'in field' to grow or draw your State/power/energy/presence/effect as we'll cover in a future lesson.

I used to 'close off' and keep the power for myself even though I'd be social and powerfully meeting women. The effect with women was a sublime power and mystery that they couldn't get enough of..a subtle after effect which led to many physical relationships and girls returning back to me.

With OPG, you're taking this power and broadcasting it to the world. I wouldn't doubt that people start saying you have a 'halo' around you.

So during grounding you're building polarity with all women (natural alpha female behavior in the videos represents the sexuality of the women you're meeting). You're conditioning a real world physiological relationship with women on those deeper, root levels.

Seduction is bringing this behavior back out of women.  With great respect and trust.

And 'Open Polarity' Natural Grounding is a method to get in deep state 'before you go out' to send your radiance and power outwards to connect in sexual polarity with women. The more you can train yourself to sustain that State as you go out in communication with other people, the more power and effect of attraction you will have.

This is the stuff you CAN'T put a price on.

Watch out, it will attract all kinds of cougars too (older women)!

Here is Lesson #9's video which can be used for multiple variations of grounding. (not shown here b/c embedding was disabled on youtube) So that's an introduction to Open Polarity Grounding. You can use any grounding resources you want that are effective for you. Just the key difference with OPG is that you SUSTAIN an 'open state/chakras/energy' when you're done grounding and when you go out meeting new women and people.

The more grounding you do, the more power you can have 'inside' and 'around you' to communicate with other people in unspeakable ways that you didn't think were possible. Women melting and so forth.

Do it, start it and let us know how it goes!

Here is Lesson #9's video which can be used for multiple variations of
(not shown here b/c embedding was disabled on youtube)


p.s. remember that paragraphical structure is NOT perfect (nor is the 1 ukrainian beer i'm drinking) - I would rather WRITE and get things down than spend hours editing the order when I'm just going for effect here

So start doing Open Polarity Grounding tonight if you want and remember to sustain state!

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