Have you been watching the videos and following along with the lessons? I hope you have. It's your direct path to sexual attraction and connections with women.

N.G. training is going to be more intense and we'll be stepping up the pace and rate of lessons (I predict). I'm going to be actively applying the new evolution of grounding as you'll soon discover - and I want you to see how it transforms your own dating life with meeting women.

So let's get down to Lesson #7 (finally!)

Put a Natural Alpha Woman as Your Cause

..and reinforce it through time with Natural Grounding and your EFFECT with attraction and women will be miraculous.

That's right. Instead of wasting time with frivolous external pursuits trying relentlessly to connect with women sexually and trigger attraction, you fix things at the pure core and align yourself and behavior with the power of nature.

Getting attraction, flirting, interest #'s and follow-ups becomes the standard instead of fighting against women for it. I don't know why some people still don't seem to get this (like mPUA's for example) but not having to approach as much because it's easier to get high quality women with less work because you have attraction - just makes sense to me.

Instead of clumping all women into some out of touch, desirable 'prize' or fantasy, natural women are the ones who bring you down to earth. They are real.

What do you value? What do you attract? More fantasy and hopes of being with women or more of the reality?

People still don't seem to get that Xtina, Beyonce & Mariah are all ACTING in the music videos. Many are conditioned to have skin as their cause of female sexuality without realizing it has everything to do with their female relations.

A Social Alpha model of sexuality like a Britney Spears leads to more disparate fantasy and isolation with real world women.

PUA's are stuck in a perpetual fantasy world trying to force it into reality instead of being grounded in a powerful natural reality that communicates very differently with women.

With Natural Grounding, you'll find you start attracting physical relationships easily instead of it being so difficult b/c of the effect that your new cause and grounding has on your real-world physiology, beliefs, energy, State, behavior and communication with women.

Just try it (do it) and see. Use it to transcend your ego and inner game limitations which never seem to get fixed.

Natural female behavior represents the root of sexuality.  That is 'the path' to the reality of the fantasy. It's what starts relationships; everything represented in the behavior and energy of our women (in videos, interviews, off the camera).

It's a more accurate definition of sexuality (biological behavior which knows how to attract and keep men).

It's represented IN the natural behaving women you see in the pre-qualified resources. Natural behavior is sexual behavior and it's clearly evident in Palmy, Nicole, Bua, and SNSD.  This represents the suppressed sexuality within the women you approach and want to get with; this IS the purest form of seduction.

With grounding, now you can see it and you can liberate women.

Seduction is bringing out the natural character of women and how are you going to bring it out of the women you approach if you and your energy believes it's their skin (defense shields go up) or their independent personality (friendzone)?

How can you bring out the sexuality of women if you don't even know what it is? Natural Grounding is the answer b/c it's coming straight from the root source.

You will almost never see it in our Western culture, thus with grounding you go to the root but fortunately you can get in relationship to your own natural alpha's anytime you choose to when you take relational mastery over things.

Independent behaving women? nuh uh. Prickteasing socially exploited women? nope. Those Causes will lead to an effect of non-sexual isolation with women in reality as maybe you've discovered. Or the dreaded friendzone, rejection and dismissiveness. Why? It's what you valued? What you believed was their sexuality was merely their socio-cultural adaptation.

All women have sexuality (nature) within them.  And it's not the representation of their bodies via sexploitation.  It's life giving shakti energy.

Seduction is bringing that natural character back out of them which MAY or may not end up in intercourse down the road.  Sex is not even in your mind when natural grounding.  But you have to have the physical attraction and physical relationship in order to ever get there.

Anything different from the anthropological root is unnatural, impure and warped by Nurture or social influence to affect the beliefs and influence the (economic) behavior of men and women.

Grounding builds your own masculine power and strength to attract and exude confidence.

This is a subject I talk about in more detail other places and it may be difficult to grasp right now but pornography is NOT sexual behavior. It's social behavior; consciously acted and created by man as a business.

So if you believe a pornstar is a model of sexuality..well, no wonder that the 'fantasy' and non-physical reality exists more than the reality. That 'cause' determined your effect.

It's what you've been 'conditioned' to believe and it forms real world physiological relationships with (beautiful, hot) women (where SHE has the power and is the stimulus). That's why women know right away when you approach and you don't stand a chance.

Doesn't matter if it's the greatest irony or not YOU have to BRING nature with you in your connections with women and you have to cultivate that power or things will remain as they are or get worse.

If you're an adult male in Western social cultures, by default your Cause is probably Sexploitation. This has everything to do with how you and your energy relates to women.

By valuing the swimsuit magazine models who can have any man they literally choose, you fall into the fantasy world illusion of social value instead of sexual value and reality. An illusion which is also depowering and emasculating you socially at the same time (read Maxim between the lines).

You end up approaching and communicating with these women FAR different than a successful natural does - without ever realizing it.

Natural Grounding gets you DIRECTLY in relationship to female sexuality and it affects your own belief system and behaivoral communication. So much of it's about POWER and you build your power and polarity through natural grounding and continuing to experience more women.

When YOU become the man who can bring out her true sexuality, she may want to reward you by naturally opening up her body to you and only when she KNOWS you truly respect her and it's ok. Always consenting adults...it's more about her energy than it is about sex. You become desired by even more women because you have a proven capability and belief represented with you and your energy.

Success breeds success so start grounding and meet new women.

It doesn't matter if this is years ahead of the seduction and dating industry or if they'll ever 'get it'. You're here now and can put it to use.

It's time to take control and choose your own causes instead of letting society choose them for you.

So I recommend that as you discover more natural grounding resources, pick your favorite natural alpha woman with a name and put her as your actual model of female sexuality.

Put HER on the pedestal and get EMOTIONAL about it. This is actually OK because the sexual balance of power is ironically in check - there is just more polarity. She is natural alpha and you by relation are natural alpha man. This is an impossible to understand paradox from Western logic you may experience when grounding at some point of how a woman can be MORE powerful and desired than all Western models of behavior yet you are actually the King.

Natural women always know their place intuitively.

So by natural grounding and having a natural alpha as your model of sexuality you are building a very real physiological relationship with ALL women. By seeing what sexuality really is represented in your root MODEL, you actually gain experience in direct sexual relationship which helps you bring it out of any women you meet without having to guess or go blind.

Grounding will save you years and will leverage your experience.

So get yourself a Natural Alpha model. It will clarify everything nice and simply for you and get you on the right path.

For me, it's Palmy #1. She represents everything that is missing. She is my Goddess. My Earth Angel.  A source of unlimited inspiration in many ways (here we're mostly talking about physical attraction though).

Find something and someone you can believe in.

Instead of Tera Patrick, try Nicole Theriault and get your own energy and physiology involved by getting emotional while grounding. It will help your energy and confidence just change a lot faster.

There's never anything to fear around the beauty yet power of natural women. The world is at peace and prosperous.

Choose your own model and as in S.A.M. define who your current model of sexuality is (it may be hard to let go but)

This simple action step will radically start to transform your reality. It's a big paradigm shift.

Flirting = Natural female behavior = reality of sexuality

Prickteasing = Social female behavior = non-physical fantasy of sex

You thought it was all about sex but it isn't. That's a control device to manipulate and exploit your natural drive.

You see when you're Natural Grounding you won't be thinking of sex but ironically it's what predictably LEADS to the physical reality of making out with women (consenting adults)..it's always been a NATURAL process through all of history until media and airwave/fantasy relationships came along which had a real effect on our beliefs, energy and relationships.

Make grounding a habitual priority and you'll see faster progress in your confidence (as well as infinite creativity, happiness and peace).

Women can finally trust you to open up to you and also you have the key to liberate them.

When you value the natural (=sexual) behavior of women which starts physical relationships over the out of touch, non-physical fantasy of social sexploitation, you will attract physical relationships with women. You'll get them flirting and opening up in the work you're already doing meeting women.

Putting a real, live woman vastly different from another one whose behavior appears just as real is a magical step like no other. It will clearly reframe and define things in a new and empowered way; you become empowered instead of being the loser/sucker and you have a value to bring out of women that leads to everything you previously wanted; reality.

Your model of sexuality is very important. For many guys it's a swimsuit model or pornstar (actress). The difference between Natural, Inner and Social Alpha behaving women is VAST.

One represents social sellout fantasy, the other represents the most authentic, empowering reality possible that will assist you in attracting countless women into your reality (vs. pushing beautiful women into more of an out of touch fantasy).

Maybe it's time to go for nature so that's what you attract out of women.

The more emotional you can get about your naturally aligned cause, the more physiological change and results you'll see as you continue natural grounding and meeting/dating women.

I used to be very emotional about social alpha models ('sexy' pin-ups) and things remained more of a fantasy until I really started valuing Natural alpha women.

Fortunately, nature is the truth and it's always been.  It's not about inner game. It's not about manipulation or being a jerk. It's really about women and liberating their natural alpha inside from the suppression of Nurture.

This is a power greater than any named PUA when you have it because of the real world effect it subjectively has on the future women you're going to meet.

But you really have to believe it and become it in order to reach women on this physical level which leads to unbounded opportunities with them. Again, the answer is Natural Grounding and more N.G. I personally can't ever get enough.

Don't forget to ground before you go out to meet women or on a date and notice the differences.


Instead of having social media promoted sexploitation as your default-via-environment-cause, try defying populist sell-out conformity which idolizes and exploits skin and put Nature and NATURAL female behavior (instead of social) as your Cause.

Women will powerfully reward you when you represent their own suppressed, secret cause but you have to become it and have that polarity relationship. Allow yourself the room for nature to take over.

See how your communication profoundly shifts from treating women as sex objects even when you don't think you're doing it, to getting them to openly respond to you and actually have a reason to follow up with you through making a real sexual connection.

We're talking all the difference and success with women becomes EASY. Another way to look at it is; value the anthropological reality of physical relationships happening over the socially promoted consumerist 'fantasy' of sexual relationships.

Value what STARTS physical relationships; a woman's flirting and attraction to you vs. you and your manipulated natural desires wanting to quickly bang her as some selfish objective fantasy.

Kicking the skin-flaunting pornstar stripper off of the pedestal of what you thought was sexuality and replacing her with a Natural Alpha behaving woman as your 'Cause' or even raison d'etre will miraculously change your life.

It's when you start believing it that miracles will happen.

Again; Put the natural, sexual, biological behavior of women in the mating process as your Cause. Value their energy and essence over their independent development or social value and see what happens.

It will massively affect what you value, what you attract out of women and how you communicate with all women. Either as objectified sex objects where she has higher social value, or something entirely different (which I think you're starting to discover through doing the grounding).

The 'causes' you have TODAY will influence the outcome or effect of TOMORROW. What influences your State and your beliefs of sexuality has a profound impact on how you effectively communicate with women (ie. the difference between 'getting laid' or perpetually NOT standing a chance).

So if your 'cause' 10 years ago was sexploitation or believing and reinforcing (through orgasm) that the skin of women represents sexuality or sexual behavior, that kind of RELATIONSHIP effects how you communicate in your energy with all similar women.

So instead of the social program of sexploitation as your cause, PUT A NATURAL ALPHA WOMAN (the key is behavior here) as your Cause.  She will revolutionize your entire reality with women.

Let me know how it's going (p.s. my email can't respond right now but I'll eventually get that fixed). Also, this lesson was a little dense and condensed in certain areas...lots of experience based wisdom here you may want to read over.




p.s. here is Lesson #7's official N.G. resource video:


This song was the historical introduction that started the revolution back in 2002. The title means 'I want to shout out loud'. There is a bit of a delay until it actually starts so you might want to ffwd.

Start learning about women and building your polarity!

Of course I encourage you to buy all original resources (I have everything of Palmy's..some I've bought several times the same one)


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