Natural Grounding Benefits Natural Grounding is a fun and SIMPLE form of meditation that works especially well for men because it gets you in direct relation to female 'shakti' or 'yin' energy.  You will be able to see the true beauty of women and what they can become, build YOUR presence, confidence and sexual polarity for more attraction, peace and power in real world life and communication.  N.G. has done miracles in the lives of men already and has the potential to revolutionize the world into a new Renaissance.

Start with our online educational course.  Natural Grounding is a practice & fun, easy, new form of modern meditation, thus it is always free.

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Grounding Testimonial

"Natural grounding is a method of changing our vision of women, getting back to the nature and making us understanding what true sexuality is by getting emotional in relation to alpha & natural women.  The results are a behavioral change around women : i'm the stimulus, not thrown off anymore around them, I love them more and they can feel, they give me eye contact, they are very polite with me, touch me..." - Naled

"..It was like this for the whole 2 weeks Christmas holiday- just back to back with different girls pursuing me- constantly going out and meeting new girls- lol it was crazy..." -Marcus, S.A.M. student

London, U.K.

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We believe in the natural, core shakti energy & beauty of women